Make an Easy Blowgun

Make an easy blowgun for under $15

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Step 1: Get Materials

1.bic pen
2.a full can of dust off
3.bbs or pellets
4.a target

Step 2: Take Apart the Pen

Take apart the pen

Step 3: Take Off the Straw

Take the straw like thing off of the dust off can.

Step 4: Add the Ammo

stick the pellets or bbs into the bic pen barrel.

Step 5: FIRE!

Put the dust off spraying spot on the end of the barrel then pull the trigger. The pellet should go around 50ft very fast. To make it even more powerful, use an air compressor instead of dust off.

Be safe and have fun!



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    King Julien

    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is not a blowgun. It is an air sol gun to be more exact. A blowgun is a pipe that you blow into to launch a dart or other projectile. You would probably receive more views if you titled this : Make an easy air sol bb gun.