Make an Easy Lego Racer!

Introduction: Make an Easy Lego Racer!

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This is my second instructable and just to tell you this thing is gonna be REALLY FAST if you make it correctly and it will only break if the actual Lego piece snaps...witch won't happen unless you drop it of the C.N. tower or something...follow these easy steps to make a car like this under 5 Min.!

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Step 1: Get the Stuff

This is what you need: 4 wheels (ones shown)
                                          2 4,5 or 6 long point sticks
                                          and a 12 by 1 stick with holes

Step 2: Combine the Sticks With the Wheels...

take 2 wheels and put a stick through each one.

Step 3: Put the Car Together

Step 4: Watch How Fast!

if you look closely at this image you will see the black stripe-that's the car!
hope you had fun making this and I will try to put a video on here!

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    3 years ago

    instead of a walking stick this is a ROLLING stick.