Make an Easy Top Hat

Introduction: Make an Easy Top Hat

today i will show you how to make a mini top hat

{small foam container (like from KFC or a large foam cup just cut it
{cheapo pantie hoes
{hot glue gun
{hair band
{2 old CDs
{pony beads

Step 1:

Step 2:

first cut the legs to the panty hoes and cover the foam with them. repeat if needed so u wont see the foam design .  tie the ends  dont worry ull glue it later so it wont be seen.

Step 3:

now get the two CD's and hot glue pony beads between them so itll appear thick

Step 4:

now cover the CD's with panty hoes and tie towards middle or hot glue. now put a lot of hot glue in the middle

Step 5:

now hotglue together and add what ever u like to it. also, hot glue to a hair band and put a strip of fabric over it. (secure~)

Step 6:

and now wear and enjoy!

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    6 years ago

    That is an AMAZING idea with the pony beads :D I'd have never thought of that ;)