Make an IOS App With Hype and Xcode



HTML 5 is one of the most efficient ways to make animation and interaction in online games, and books and websites. But what most people do not know is that you can also make a game like I did that can then be sold on the iTunes app store from an HTML5 design.

You can code your HTML5 using a text editor but I like to use a product called HYPE from tumult that allows you to build animated and interactive documents using javascript, CSS3 and HTML in a visual studio interface that is much more intuitive for the creative professional.

Then I took the HTML5 document that I created in HYPE and using Xcode's UI web view I was able to convert the HTML5 game into an iOS app in a few easy steps.
Click through this instructable to see how I did this and watch the video at the end to see the entire process in Xcode.

I hope this is helpful and you enjoy it!

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