Make an IPod Video Projector





Introduction: Make an IPod Video Projector

About: Name: Bård Lund Johansen Engineer, Materials Technology

Project video and pictures on a screen using your iPod!

Step 1: The Setup

The idea is simple, Focus the light from your iPod onto a nearby screen by means of lenses and mirrors.

Step 2: Cardboard Is Underrated

Making prototypes is fast and easy using cardboard and a glue gun. A layer of black tape and that Apple sticker makes for a nice look.

Step 3: Lights Down

In order to see anything it must be dark in the room.



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    U can use a magnifying lens and a box check out mine!


    Awesome!!! I'm getting an iTouch at the beginning of middle school, I'm making one of these!!!


    In today's day and age, where abouts can one get a lens setup like that? If nothing else, how could one improvise?

    Maybe ill make one and add a bunch of like 5 or 6 leds and maybe get a better projection?

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    That would just wash out your image. because the color comes from the lcd, and adding leds outside the lcd would be no different than trying to watch it in a brightly lit room.

    he light source must come from the screen or else you'll just end up with a bad image. The light passes through the LCD to get filtered out to it's individual colors.

    I so what to do this!!

    To everyone asking about LEDs...I"m no tech wizard but I do know that no matter what style of projector you have, using a proper screen will always make it nicer.

    could this be used by another devise that is not a ipod, but another kind of screen that is still LCD?

    Very cool, you used the principal of a DSLR for a projector. Well done :)

    That is pretty bad@ss. I don't own an ipod but I can see this being useful for other projects. 5 stars.

    Love this QAD (quick and dirty) instructables !!!…
    No fuss, no perfection … just an excellent idea put into use as soon as it comes with whatever is in the attic or at the rear of the garage …

    Moreover it revives those old movies parties we had when I was a kid. All curtains had to be drawn and it felt like "cinema at home" … was much better than TV or so we thought for a brief moment of our childhood !…

    Excellent !…