Make an Origami Pump Upgrade It With a Tesla Check Valve Mod

Introduction: Make an Origami Pump Upgrade It With a Tesla Check Valve Mod

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Hi everybody,

I recently posted two instructables that actually fit together.

The origami pump and the Tesla Check Valve mod. you can follow the corresponding link below:

Both can be done in stand alone, but primary my point was how to make a pump to blow air through a cavity without a backdraft. So typically hand-bellows use a check valve or any valve that allow air to fill the bellow when inflating but avoid air to escape through it when the bellow is deflating.

So I was pushing my brain to see what are the DIY solution available around me and which I can do myself.

Then the answer appeared naturally to me as I already worked on Tesla Valve ideas as you can see on the different articles I proposed on the topic on

For sure other solutions do exist, but I thought this one is easy.

Actually this is not so true. It works in theory... In practice much attention must be taken on the building of the check valve. Both valves segments: before the pump and after the pump, should show nearly the same efficiencies and must do the job. Otherwise it will be difficult to make it works properly.

I was personnaly not fully satisfied with the results I obtained with the foam clay prototyping I did, but I had a proof of principle -very empirical and practical- sufficient to me to share this innovation with you. For better results I oversee already differents ways to go.

Just a mention on the contents of this instructable-->

attribution non commercial sharealike.

You can re-use my texts and my pictures, modify or whatever, if you do so please cite the author, my work or even better put a link to this instructable. I would appreciate your cooperation :) In addition if you have any comment or improvement that you would like to share with me please do it. I would like to make a gallery of some of those made by others at the end of this instructable, If you craft one, send me a picture :)

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Step 1: Assemble the Set Up

Put the Tesla check valve above the origami pump connector -outlet/inlet- and make it fit to it.

Use hot glue or silicon sealing glue.

Here two pictures are shown. The first one is simple and depict how you put one onto the other.

the secondary picture is taken from the mentioned instructables and are here as information only about how the

Tesla "check" valve is constituted.

Step 2: How It Works - Issues / Troubleshooting

You can clearly see on the middle part of the picture the set up with maximum and minimum volume in the origami - pump - bellow cavity.

The right part is modellised the air flow when the pump is inflated and whe it is deflated.

Inflate the pump the air will flow preferrentielly from one segment (the air flows in one Tesla segment -call it A) is facilitated and in the other restrained -name it B-). But once the pump is deflated the role of each Tesla segment is exactly inverted. The air flow is facilitated in the segment B and restrained in segment A.

The second pictures from a previous instructables present also similar explanations.



I experienced very low efficiency of my set up. But in principle this works.

I see different amelioration points where one can work it with more adequate tools:

- a hard template for the design must be prepared and will be used to stamp the modelling clay for both tesla valves.

- more Tesla single loop segments must be added or increase air friction in the "tubing" -->reduce the tubing diameter.

however increasing air friction by reducing the air tubing will be accompanied by a more complicated flow of air in the pump. You expect the pump to be activated quite easily right! me too!

- improve the manufacturing process of the Tesla Valve--> the adhesion between the two modelling clay sheets for instance.

- Make two exact valve copies and make sure those present very close efficiencies. Then built a T junction to connect those to the pump.

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