Make Clothes Hangar Non-slip Using Sugru

Introduction: Make Clothes Hangar Non-slip Using Sugru

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Goal: Prevent clothes slipping off hanger by adding a little Sugru to the ends.


1x5g packet of Sugru

1 wire clothes hanger

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Step 1: Directions

Take a pea-sized portion of Sugru and roll it into a thin strip about 2” long

Starting about 2” from the end of the hangar, place the strip lengthwise along the edge of the hanger

Work the strip around the hanger until the Sugru covers the wire on all sides for about 3” (the Sugru will spread over more area as it is worked)

Texturize Sugru as desired

Repeat for other side of hanger

Let cure 24 hours

Step 2: It Was That Easy!

There are other ideas as well, wrap the Sugru around thicker wooden hangars, wrap thin bands instead of long strips, etc.  It's pretty straightforward, and will last a while.

This project was really simple, but there seems to be a minimum # of photos for an instructable. So with all that leftover time, found a funny cat pic. 

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