Make Condescending Stamps! (With Stuff You Already Have)

Introduction: Make Condescending Stamps! (With Stuff You Already Have)

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Stamps are a wonderful addition to the workplace. However, have you ever wished that you could send a more creative message than that old "Approved" message? A condescending stamp should put your co-worker in their place!
Also, running around stamping "FAIL" onto random papers is kinda fun.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need

The stuff you will need is pretty simple.
For supplies, we will be using...
- An eraser
- Scrap wood about the size of the eraser
- Glue (Preferably Hot glue)
For tools, there is a pretty simple list as well.
- Either a Dremel or an Exacto knife
- A pen
- Paper

Step 2: Preparation of the Eraser

In order to do your worst, you need your best. In this case, the best is an eraser.
Yes, we will be leaving an imprint upon a paper using the very tool that would be used to remove an unwelcome mark. The photo shows a typical eraser, ready for slaughter. However, it shall not be slaughtered today. Instead, I cut it in half lengthwise in order get two stamps for the price of one! (One eraser, that is.)

Step 3: Preperation of the Stamp

In order to start, an idea of what to put on the stamp is necessary. Of course, you don't have to make it a condescending stamp, but it's so much more fun if you do!
When I had a idea of what I wanted to do, I traced out the outline of the eraser onto a piece of paper. I then wrote whatever I wanted onto the outline.
So, there is now 3 options to transfer the outline to stamp form.
To do it with the Dremel pointer I created This instructable, go to the next step.
Doing it with a handheld dremel or an exacto knife will require you to go to step 5.

Step 4: Cutting the Eraser Using the Dremel Pointer

After you have cut out the outline, tape it to the back of the eraser. Now, all that has to be done is to trace out the shape using the Dremel pointer as a guide. In order to skip how to cut out the shape using the handheld dremel or the exacto knife, go to step 6.

Step 5: Preparing the Outline for Shaping Via Exacto Knife or Handheld Dremel

In order to cut off the pieces into the shape we need, it will have to be the inverted version of the original message. This will be accomplished in a few easy steps. First, cut the outline out of the piece of paper, and then cut out the actual message. The goal here is to create a stencil. When this is accomplished, flip the outline so that you are now looking at the back. This is then put onto the eraser and is used as a stencil to help trace the message onto the eraser.
Now, you simply have to cut it all out. You can use an Exacto knife, being careful not to go through, in order to accomplish this task. An alternate method would be to use a Dremel, and by using larger bits to get the basic shape and then smaller bits to get the precise shape.

Step 6: Applying a Handle

So, this is an optional step, but if you want to be truly evil, you should do it with comfort, ease, and style.
This can be done by adding a handle. In order to allow the hot glue to stick to the stamp piece, I used a Dremel to add grooves along the back. This will create extra surface area, and it is outlined in pen because it would be difficult to see on camera. After it is hot-glued onto the handle, (Which I shaped and smoothed) the excess hot glue that was squeezed out was Dremeled off. I then used the Dremel some more to make the size and shape of the stamp to match the size and shape of the handle as closely as possible. As you can see in the second photo, I have made them both even to the point where the only reason why you can slightly see the handle from that angle is because the camera was not exactly above it.

Step 7: TaDa!

So that is my design to make some condescending stamps, or any stamp with whatever message you choose. All that is left now is to put some ink on it. This can be done with an ink pad or by coloring directly onto the stamp with a sharpie. Also, I got the idea to use an eraser as the stamp when I remembered discovering that an eraser could be used as a stamp by coloring onto the eraser with a pen and stamping it onto a paper. It's a cool trick, and you can try it in class or at your desk.
I hope you enjoyed this Instructable. Feel free to comment, as I would love to hear your ideas, suggestions, and thoughts. As always, Have a nice day!

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