Make Cool Magnets Out of Attorney/out of Date Calendar Magnets




Introduction: Make Cool Magnets Out of Attorney/out of Date Calendar Magnets

Hey there. You know those attorney at law magnets that you get when you get a new phone book? How about those magnetic calendars that you get from your insurance company? Well when the calendars go out of date they serve no purpose and why the heck would anyone would want to place a balding middle aged man on their fridge?

I created this instructable to show how you or your kids could turn those old magnets into something that you would actually like to be on your fridge. It could be a picture of someone special, your favorite pet, a favorite mascot/team, or a recipe you never seem to remember. The possibilities are literally endless.

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Step 1: What Your Going to Need

Alright since this is a rather simple instructable you will not need much.

Below is a list of the things you will need.

Magnetic calendars/attorney magnets
Old magazines/stickers/ or any picture that you want to turn into a magnet
Exacto knife (depending on how difficult the picture is)
Super Glue or glue of your choice

Step 2: Removing Old Magnet Label (optional)

Although I personally removed the labels off the old magnets this step is optional. You may find it easier to leave them on.

So if you do decide to remove the labels I suggest you start at one end/corner and slowly work your way towards the opposite end. Try to remove the label in a single piece without tearing it and leaving paper left onto the magnet. Move to another corner if the label starts to tear. If you have removed most of the label but are left with the paper stuck to the magnets you may want to consider using water and or a solvent(OOPS All-Purpose Remover And Cleaner) to finish removing the paper.

As you can see in the photos I didn't have much luck keeping the magnets completely intact but since I'm using small pictures it didn't matter.

Step 3: Attaching Your Pictures

After completely removing the label you should take it to the sink and wash them with some liquid detergent (i.e. dawn) so will not have any issues with adhering the pictures/stickers. Pat them dry and you should be ready to go.

Now If you are using stickers then you can just place them onto the magnets. If you like you can place a little bit of super glue on the bottom side of the sticker to ensure maximum adhesion. Use your knuckle, finger, or the finger loops of your scissors to apply pressure to the sticker so that it adheres properly.

If you are using pictures cut out from old magazines then you will need to use a little bit of super glue to adhere it to the magnets. Just place some super glue around the perimeter of the picture and then enough to adhere the inner part of the picture. Again make sure you apply pressure to ensure adhesion.

Just as a precaution if you are using an actual photo that you had developed I would advise you check to make sure that the super glue is not going to have some sort of chemical reaction with the photo paper. If so then you will have to find another type of bonding agent to secure your photo.

After you are done adhering it use your scissors to cut out your new magnet.

Step 4: Good Job, You're Done!

Good job. You saved the old magnets from the land fill while making something cool, decorative and useful(holding up papers.)

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    I buy 60mil archival vinyl magnet sheets. 1/16" thick! I paint right on the adhesive surface. They can be tossed up on any ferromagnetic surface. Since 1996 I have created over 30,000 unique pieces! Using acrylic paints, gels, found object and pictures, I haven't found something I couldn't put on a magnet. I have now began to embed neodymium magnets in my wood canvas frames. Art is magnetic so make the magnet the art!


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    your-->Belonging to you you're-->you are Step 4 should be Good Job, YOU'RE done.