Make Custom Stencils With a Vinyl Cutter



This is a quick way to make complex stencils using vinyl cut stickers.

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Step 1:

This instructable assumes you have access to a vinyl cutter and supplies for making stickers. These stickers were made from GreenStar sign vinyl cut on a Graphtec CE 6000 cutting plotter. Any hobby vinyl cutter and adhesive vinyl should work.

The red sticker on the left shows the pattern we want to transfer to a soccer ball using a vinyl stencil. The one on the right, is what we are going to use. It is the same sticker but weeded to remove the parts of the pattern we want to color with the stencil.

Step 2: Mask the Sticker

Cover the stencil pattern with masking material.

Step 3: Apply Stencil

Apply the stencil to the object you want to put a pattern on.

In this case we are putting a custom logo on a soccer ball.

Step 4: Remove the Masking

Step 5: Fill in Stencil

Using a permanent marker fill in the spaces within the stencil. Make sure to get even, heavy coverage.

Step 6: Remove Vinyl Stencil

Once the marker has had some time to dry, remove all of the vinyl.

Step 7: Enjoy

Enjoy your customized object.

Go Pirates!!



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