How to Make Friendship Bracelets (Using a Braiding Disc)




Introduction: How to Make Friendship Bracelets (Using a Braiding Disc)

Here's how to make braided cord for friendship bracelets and other uses - making use of a cardbaord braiding disc.



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    I really enjoyed the kumihimo bracelet making clips. It looks so easy but looks very difficult - thank you.

    You can buy very nice ones made of foam-core at --look under the heading "kumihimo". In fact, for around $13.00, you can buy a clever little kit which includes the aforementioned disk, some small cord bobbins, and instructions. For a wee bit more, you can get a larger kit with the same, plus various colors of braiding cord. And for a LOT more, you can buy a full-sized wooden maru-dai (the grand mother of the foam disks), but the foam ones are a great way to find out whether kumihimo is your cup of tea, without going broke.

    you can make one easily enough using a paper plate (I suggest a strong one not flimsy but either will do) take anything round and trace a circle on it. Cut 4 slits (just a little way in) ie: North, South, East, West, then cut another one in between those. That's it. If you want a sturdier one they do sell them online. Google Kumihimo Braiding Disc and I'm sure you will find them.

    I would assume you could do the same thing with 5 strings, just make a card with 6 slots? Also, would the counting change?

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    yay :) thank you so much that was very easy to do and looked good

    i really enjoyed the instructions for this project. it was simple but straight forward. I look forward to trying this project myself.

    very nicely done video
    and I love the ending... 'may I have a hand please' *hand appears*
    ... *skitters off to go make bracelets*

    Done! That was really well explained, i just did my first bracelet using the braiding disc this afternoon. Thanks a lot!

    Wow. thats cool :) good Idea, im going to do it right now. I think thats how they make rope. haha XP Good Idea :)

    Thanks so much! This was sooo easy to follow! Had fun making them! I might use this with my 4-H group. Easy project for everyone.

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