Make Gunpowder Bomb





Introduction: Make Gunpowder Bomb

okay I gonna teach how to make explosive bomb which will burst even without igniting......

Step 1: Materials Required!

we need-
1) gunpowder
2) newspaper
3) gravels
That's only the things we need!!

Step 2: Making the Base

you just need to make u bend in newspaper so every explosive can stay

Step 3: Adding the Gunpowder and Gravel

Just insert the gunpowder and gravel in 50/50 in newspaper go goto next step

Step 4: Completed

Now tightly wrap the newspaper and your bomb is ready

Step 5: Throw It

As it will hit the ground it will explode now go out and enjoy the explosion!!!???



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    2 Discussions

    how would a civilian do this without going to jail

    1 reply

    Allen this isn't a nuclear bomb it's too small man ,too small