Make Light Sleep Using the Former and LED Bulb

Introduction: Make Light Sleep Using the Former and LED Bulb

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The goods are in need most important:

 former 5watt Bulb
 Resistor 220 Ohm
 USB Cable former / End

Goods to carry out the manufacture of:

 Lead
 Solder
 Scissors
 Kater / Knives
 Tape (if needed)
 Adapter / Power Supply 5v with the amperage that is not too large.

First, prepare the tools needed goods in the holes in the bottom of the lamp.

Prepare the re-LED, resistor 220 Ohm, a former USB Cable Then connect the 220 Ohm resistor to the positive part of the LED (longer legs)

Reconnect the USB cable is red, here we only use 2 wires only (Black and Red) sedangkankan Green and white wires, left / disconnected.

Negative section LEDs (short leg) on the black cable to connect to USB. All connections are done by using tin.

After all connected to first test whether the LED lights up or not.

If it is lit, then the input of all the objects in the former light bulb. With the exception of Head USB, still remain outside, to connect to a USB port on / Electric.

In order for good adhesion, can use Glue desired.

And finally finished, bedside lamps can be tried.

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