Make Monster Valentine’s Day Treats

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Making Valentine’s Day treats for your child’s class can be a fun way to spend an afternoon together.

My 5-year-old Jack doesn’t like to eat sweets, but he loves to share treats with his friends for holidays. For Valentine’s Day we decided to make monster treats using candy bars. And, to make it more fun for Jack, I created the monster treat craft project to take advantage of his gluing and cutting skills.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

For this project, we used full-size Hershey chocolate bars, colored paper, glitter and embellishments, glue, scissors, and a fun shape punch from Fiskars.

Step 2: Wrap and Dress Up Your Candy Bars

We wrapped each candy bar in paper, and then used the embellishments to create each monster.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Monster Valentine's Day Treats!

His sister Lexi and I had fun making these Valentine’s Day treats for Jack’s class. Check out how Jack, 12-year-old Lexi, and I made our monster treats in this video.

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