Make Nozzles for Precise Glue Applications





Introduction: Make Nozzles for Precise Glue Applications

How many times have you tried to use glue in a very precise application without making a mess and end up with your fingers glued together or to the stuff you are working on.

This is a very short yet helpful instructable to show you how to make your own superglue nozzles to help you in your precise gluing work.

Step 1: Intro

Most Glue manufacturers include a nozzle that has wide opening covered with a plastic lid. some of them provide an additional precise nozzle but unfortunately you cant use these nozzles more than once because it will be filled with dry glue and block the nozzle.

Step 2: What You Need

As simple as this:

1. cotton swabs.

2. Lighter or candle.

3. pair of scissors

That's it!

Step 3: How to Do It

Step (1)

Grap a cotton swab from both sides and carefully close it to a candle with some rotation forward and backward so you don't milt it down completely.

soon enough the plastic will get elastic and you will be able to stretch the swab.

you will have to do this in two locations along the swab leaving a small area which will later be used to hold the made nozzle to the original one.

Once you have the plastic heated enough you can make any diameter or shape you want

Step (2)

Cut the swab using the scissors and according to how narrow you want the nozzle to be, choose where to cut.

Step (3)

You can either attache the nozzles together by inserting the one that you made inside the original one as described in the picture until it is firmly stuck and ready to use.

Step (4)

After using it with your work, remove the new nozzle so it wont block the original and you can make a new one for future use.

Hope this instructable would be helpful for you!



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    Ok, you must be the Ear Swab Whisperer 'cuz I went through a couple of dozen swabs and could not find the sweet spot of being able to pull these without them just pulling into... yeah I got a few that might have worked but I wasn't able to do this over a candle as you can see... I did decide to try it under the kitchen tap with hot water... my water is pretty dang hot and I was able to pull the really long one in the front of the photo using two sets of pliers to keep a good grip under the water. Guess I just don't have the touch :>)

    Also, how do you widen the end if you want to have it fit over the nozzle of the super glue or other container? I was able to figure that one out.. I did get one to go inside the cap of one of my super glue bottle and did manage to get the product to come out...

    ear swab nozzles 2015-01-01_22-07-42.jpg

    Nice idea. I had some dropper tips but they don't fit the new bottles. Now tell me how to keep the original nozzles from plugging up. I was using tape it seemed to work well but the last time I used it it was plugged. I really think the one use tubes are the best way to have fresh usable adhesive. But I like to use Gel, thin and regular and I have not found all three in small tubes.

    1 reply

    klee27x0 seconds agoReply

    I was going to post the same thing, lol.

    I think the secret is to not let any air into the tip. I have had the best luck sticking a long pin into the tip instead of using the regular cap. But first, you need to squeeze out any excess air. You see, you need to use a needle, because if you tried this with the regular cap, you'd just glue the cap on, permanently.

    If you like the gel, try Locktite that comes in the weird little bottle with the wings on the side. It's a bargain. You pay way too much for 4 grams, but you get to use all of it. So it's actually a super bargain.

    When I discovered, it I immediately tried to buy it in regular liquid. But it doesn't exist, and I think it's because of the air thing. The bottle acts like a ratchet. There's no way to let air back into the container. That's why it works. But with a runny liquid, some could drip out and air could get in, ruining the expensive bottle, anyways.

    Hi. Sorry, but i cant understand how it works (i dont speak english, i speak spanish).

    Do you can upload a video of the steps 3 and 4? Thanks

    1 reply

    at home back in the philippines i always use evo bond super glue. it already comes with a nozzle like these one .

    secondenlijm evo bond.jpg
    1 reply

    Yes and the purpose of this is to have as many as you want not just one.

    You see, If you need this nozzle to do some precise job you will use only a small amount and you will need another nozzles to use later because the original one is a one use only.

    We used to use ptfe tubing in the lab but minimum order is $20 for the little stuff. Very practical, now née to use up my paper stem q tips!!

    This is amazing!! Why isn't there a contest to vote this a winner?!!

    Very clever idea! Now I don't need to order them from online!