Make Phone Holder




Introduction: Make Phone Holder

About: Let's make something !

Tools and primary materials at the ready:

The former site of the SIM card Tape, could also glue.

Additional tool support:

Magnet (I'm using a magnetic traces of the former hard drive)
Small wedge - small plastic, paper, rubber (to taste)

1. We did prepare a paper clip and a former sim card we paste, paste before in the folds give about 1cm (according to the thickness HP) give some little distance MM, in because HP is currently stored in the holder will be slightly tilted. As the picture below, I use masking tape to menggabungkan'nya. So that the Holder is not too skewed when in use, then use a small wedge in between the right sim and clamp.

2. Functions of the magnet as a booster that is wider and Holder are not tilted to the side. (Not always going straight) So for the magnets can be replaced by another object as long as the solid, strong and hard.

3. When you are done, Holder is ready to use.



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