Make Purchases With Your Cell Phone By: Jason Valalik




Introduction: Make Purchases With Your Cell Phone By: Jason Valalik

Paying with your cell phone has been around in Europe and Japan for awhile, but we still are waiting for that technology to make it to the states. Here is a little hack that allows you to enjoy that functionality now. This will require a Visa Pay Wave card or some other RF enabled card. Weather you have a Visa now or not call your company and tell them you need an extra card with the Pay Wave or whatever catchy phrase is given to the technology. I think Chase calls it Blink. Visa actually has a mini card which makes this a little easier. Once you get the mini card trim it down so just the functional part of the card exists. I actually am unsure where this chip is exactly and the pictures are just examples.. Take that piece of the card and tape it to the inside of your battery door on your cell/smart phone. Now whenever you go to an establishment that allows Pay Wave / Blink just hold your phone over the Pay Wave / Blink portion of the debit card reader and off you go. Results may vary depending on the thickness of your battery door cover.


Step 1: First Cut the Card in Half

Pretty self explanatory.

Step 2: Cut Out the Chip

Just work you way around the card and cut the chip/transmitter item out of the card.

Step 3: Tape It in Your Phone

Just tape it to the battery doors back panel and off you go.



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    12 Discussions

    You just showed your credit card number to the world, please edit your pics

    1 reply

    unless he used someone elses card. Besides: the other info was blurry scissors partly covered card #

    why not take the rfid tag from an old card (one thats expired) and re wrie it to have the same rfid reading as the card that works... that way you can still use your card normally

    3 replies

    Making a copy of your own card's data is not fraud. However, the RFID used in these cards has an encrypted handshake before it can be read (think: how secure would it be if anyone with a reader could sweep credit card numbers out of the air), so you'd not be able to access the information to copy to the new chip.

    dood, is that card active, if so you MUST block your CC# To provent fraud!!! O_o

    As stated in the post visa actually makes a mini card, similar to what you get from a grocery store for your key chain. I would recommend getting that one and cutting that apart compared to the larger card. You could probably get 3 cards total. 1 for you, 1 for your spouse, and the mini card. Therefore the amount of cards shouldn't be a problem. Thanks Jason

    Most credit card companies (all that I've used) allow you to order a second card free of charge on the same account when you first get your card or by filling out a survey or something after a few months of using your card. I think that would be an easy way to get a second card to actually use, unless of course you need a second card for a spouse or something like that.

    I think this is a great idea...but double trouble when you loose your cellphone.

    Cute idea, but what do you do now if you need the actual credit card?