Make the Bat-Shuriken From Notepad Paper

Introduction: Make the Bat-Shuriken From Notepad Paper

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Hi Everyone!!

This is my first ever Instructable, and this idea sprouted from my love of batman and also pre-exam procrastination, wondering what I can do with all the notes I make after the exams.

This one's simple, takes like 10 minutes, cheap, completes your batman costume and best of all, flies well (though I recommend not throwing them at people as it is rather pointy).

I will not be liable if anyone loses their eyes so please don't try to hurt any one.

Enjoy =D

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Step 1: Materials and Equipment

Nice and simple collect these items and your set!

Sorry forgot to take a photo with the paint. I used black acrylic paint but surely anything that will make it black will do just fine =D

Step 2: Grab a Sheet and Fold It!

Tear off a page and fold as follows:

> Fold left edge to the right
> Fold in half like the picture
> Fold in half again
> And again

Step 3: The Pattern

Reopen the sheet and cut out one of the rectangle.

Fold this in half and draw on half of the bat in

Cut it out 

Step 4: Making It Rigid/Solid

Apply glue sparingly to the inner side of the sheet.

Refold it in half and press firmly making sure it is flat.

Then apply glue to all of the little rectangles except the two you want to be outward facing. (Remember to use enough or else it will fall apart)

Stick your pattern on =D

Step 5: Cutting Time

Cut, following your pattern carefully.

Step 6: Paint!

Your final step! Paint it!
No real technique needed, just get a nice fine coat.
After it dries, you can throw it =D

Step 7: Throwing Tips

- Sit the bat-shuriken nicely with your index finger along the edge of the lower wing.
- Thumb and middle finger on top and under the shuriken gently
- Throw like a frisbee, with a strong flick of the wrist.
- Make sure you swing through flat,
- Have fun =D

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