Make the Letter "N" Out of PVC Pipe

Introduction: Make the Letter "N" Out of PVC Pipe

This instructable will teach you how to make the letter "N" out of PVC Pipe!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials Needed: 
PVC Cutter
2 90-degree-elbow connectors
2 45-degree-elbow connectors
2 6-inch PVC pieces
2 1-inch PVC pieces
1 8-inch PVC Pipe

Step 2: Connect 6-inch Pipes to 90-degree Connector

Connect both 6-inch pieces of PVC Pipe to a 90-degree-elbow-connector

Step 3: Attach 1-inch Piece of PVC Pipe to 90 Degree Elbow Connector

Attach a 1-inch piece of PVC Pipe to both 90 Degree Elbow

Step 4: Attach 45-degree-connector to 1-inch Piece of PVC Pipe

Attach a 45 Degree Connector to both 1-inch pieces of PVC Pipe so both PVC Pipe Connectors are touching

Step 5: Attach Both Pieces Together

Insert the 8-inch piece of PVC Pipe to both empty sockets on the 45-degree-connectors. This should connect both sides together and the letter "N" should be visible!



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