Make the Magnets on Wireless Headphones Stronger.

Introduction: Make the Magnets on Wireless Headphones Stronger.

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On many wireless headphones of this kind that are on the cheaper side the magnets used to stow the earbuds to the piece that goes around the neck are weak, and as a result the earbuds open detach when moving around. Using some small but strong magnets from an old piece of electronic I easily fixed this problem.


*Old DVD drive (I got mine from an old computer)

*pair of wireless headphones (obviously)

*glue (something strong and not flexible)

*various sizes of screwdrivers (to take apart DVD drive


*wire cutters

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Step 1: Takes Apart the DVD Drive

As my drive is in many pieces right now I don't have a picture to put here. I would suggest being as careful as possible if you want to salvage any other parts for other projects. If you're having a problem starting, try prying the plastic cover off the drive, which should then give you access to things you can unscrew, poke, or prod. You will need the screwdrivers and pliers for this part.

What you need for this project is the piece that has the lens on it. Take it off its mountings and carefully disassemble it (if there's a plastic casing or frame you can't get off, carefully cut it off with the wire cutters). Cut the wires attaching the lens piece to the rest of the frame (or unsolder them depending if you want to use them later). pull the lens piece out. You'll notice two metal boxes with 3 open sides on each end of this larger frame. Pull these out, and use the wire cutters and/or pliers to bend each box flat. Remove the magnets that are inside the box.

Step 2: Attach the Magnets to the Headphones

Take a magnet, and move it close to the back of one of the earbuds and let it snap into the back of it, where it wants to. Try putting this earbuds in your eat it test that the magnet will not affect the comfortability of the earbud. Take the magnet off, out some glue on it (enough to dry and stick, but not so much that it messes up the earbud) and let it snap into the same place again (alternatively, you can do this with the docks in the neck piece instead). Repeat with the other earbud and let sit.

Step 3: Finished

Wait till the glue is dry, then you're set to go!

Step 4:

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