Introduction: Run OLED

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I want to make the Smart watch.

but there are projects where I want to attach a small display for quickly figuring out the current state.

Step 1: Parts

    • WIZwiki-W7500
      • ARM Cortex-M0
      • Hardwared TCP/IP
    • Adafruit
      • OLED 128 x 64
      • I2C communication
    • Jumper line

    Hardware parts for smart watch


    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0
    • Flash : 128KB / SRAM : 16KB (up to 48KB)
    • Hardwired TCP/IP Core (Supports MII Interface)
    • Internal 8MHz Oscillator
    • External crystal Oscillator (8~24MHz)
    • 48MHz maximum frequency
    • PLL for internal clock source
    • ADC - 12bit, 8ch, 1Mbps
    • DMA - UART, SPI, Software
    • GPIO 53ea I/O
    • 4 Timer/ 8 PWM
    • 3 UART, 2 SPI, 2 I2C
    • 32bit RNG
    • Serial Wire Debug(SWD)
    • Package : 64TQFP (7x7 mm)


    • Power supply
      • VDD = 1.65V to 3.3V for IC logic
      • VCC = 7V to 15V for Panel driving
    • For matrix display
      • OLED driving output voltage, 15V maximum
      • Segment maximum source current: 100uA
      • Common maximum sink current: 15mA
      • 256 step contrast brightness current control
    • Embedded 128 x 64 bit SRAM display buffer
    • Pin selectable MCU Interfaces:
      • 8-bit 6800/8080-series parallel interface
      • 3 /4 wire Serial Peripheral Interface
      • I2C Interface

    For detailed, please refer the attached file.

    Step 2: Structure

    WIZWatch is a simple system that is used a hardware platform called WIZwiki-W7500. The overall structure is in the picture above.

    You can regulate the time using the button.

    Step 3: WIZwiki-W7500 Pinout

    Step 4: Electronic Assembly

    # WIZwiki-W7500 <--------------> OLED

    • 3.3V <--------------------------> VCC
    • GND <--------------------------> GND
    • PA_09 <------------------------> SCL
    • PA_10 <------------------------> SDA


    You can simply connect battery by connecting (+) -> RAW, GND -> GND. You need to put (+) line to RAW pin in case you use any sort of external power supply, such as an external battery.

    (I will write you about the details later on.)


    I will write you about the details later on.

    Step 5: OLED TEST

    If I can arrange the source code, you will upload it as soon as possible. : )

    Step 6: To Be Continued

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