Make the Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker.(Guitar Input)




Introduction: Make the Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker.(Guitar Input)

I really really Want a Bluetooth Speaker that is decent in form and performance.

I want a Bluetooth Speaker to last longer and affordable in price but here in the Philippines good performance is equals to higher price you need to pay almost 5000-10000 pesos or 110-250 USD to get a decent one.

I really want a Bluetooth speaker and i love building things. so build one for myself



-Guitar Input

-Solar Powered

-PowerBank (for Charging phone)

-Handsfree Microphone

-Quad 3W Fullrange Speakers

-Quad 3W High Efficiency Amplifier (class D)

- Li-Po Battery (5000maH) (24hrs Playback)

- Command Buttons (Volume/Pause//Play)

-Passive Radiator

- 3.5mm Auxiliary

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Step 1: (Parts and Materials)

Parts, Modules & Materials:

-PAM8403 2x3w Amplifier or Recycled amp from old computer speaker.

-Bluetooth Module or Recycled Bluetooth speaker.

-3w 4ohm Speakers.

-Acrylic Sheet/Plexiglass

-Ground loop isolator or Audio Transformer.

-Powerbank.(Recycled) Battery (5000mAH)

-Passive Radiator.(Recycled)

-Guitar Preamp based on TL071 opamp



>47uF polarized x 2

>10uF polar

>100uF polar

>470n unpolar

>22n unpolar

>50k and 470ohms pot

>470k,2x10K,68K,560,220,2x1M,470ohms,and 100ohms resistor



>Microphone jack stereo

Tools & Equipment:

- Rotary Tool

- Metal File

-Soldering Iron

-Hack saw

-Glue Gun

-Needle nose Pliers

Step 2: Block Diagram

Here is the block diagram to avoid Confusion.

Step 3: Lets Build the Guitar Preamp and Connect the Bluetooth Module

It is advisable to make a Breadboard Version when making circuit so could easily remove and replace or check it without having a headache.and connect the Bluetooth circuit. in one. Just follow the Circuit.

the ground loop isolator is add to eliminate the buzzing or humming frequency in the circuit it is important.

In my case i just recycle my old Bluetooth speaker i have, it just the same. just follow the schematics.


Step 4: I Dismantle the Powerbank.(Power Supply)

I desolder the battery and connect Wire to the input and output of the Circuit.

Step 5: Prepare the Amplifier

I used a high efficient Class D Stereo Amplifier it help the design to last longer playback. the one is from a friend of mine that he gave me long time ago, i just recycled it. and the one is a PAM8403 amp from you just it in just a cent.

Step 6: Lets Design Our Enclosure.

Measure First the parts that to be fit inside the speaker and i make a 3d model of my design.

Step 7: I Transfer My Design in Plexiglass

Using Ruler and Pencil i transfer the design. the Plexiglass has a protective film on it i use it to draw it or could just use masking tape.

Step 8: Cut,Drill, and Polish the Plexiglass.

I use my mighty hack saw to cut down my plexiglass sheet in smaller size.

I fillet the Corner Using metal file.

I route the hole using my dremel and a drill bit.

Smoothen the edges using metal file.

Step 9: Combine the Pieces We Cut and Melt It to Bend the Corners.

I Use SuperGlue to Combine the pieces we cut.BUT i recommend you use the special solvent to combine plexiglass.

I use a DIY Portable can burner to melt the plexi.

Step 10: Sand,Clean,Polish, and Paint the Enclosure.

Use different Grit of sandpaper to smoothens the surface.

I cover the speakers and other hardware with masking tape to prevent the paint from painting it.

I paint it using spray paint.

Step 11: Install All the Hardware and Electronics in the Enclosure.

I use hot glue to install all hardware. kept it clean not messy.

but as you can see it messy but thats ok.

Step 12: Seal It Up and Keep It Airtight.

Use silicone kept it airtight. to produce lower bass sound with passive radiator.

Step 13: Solar Power Added

you just need to directly connect the solar panel with a Silicon diode to step down the voltage to 4.2V.

or directly connect the output of the solar into the charger because it is a 5v solar panel.

Step 14: Result

Good luck building.

I made it using minimal tools. Pls favorite and comment it i will appreciate it.

Need to improve in second Version

-Build a Better enclosure.

-Bigger Speaker and Good Passive Radiator

-Clean guitar preamp.

PLS VOTE!! :) Contribute to my effort. :).

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