Make This Durable Storage Bag, or Beach Bag From an Empty Dog Food Sack.




Introduction: Make This Durable Storage Bag, or Beach Bag From an Empty Dog Food Sack.

About: I am very creative and love to take something that would be thrown away onto the landfill and make it into something desirable and useful.

The fabric they use to make the dog food bags is water resistant and durable, holding up to 40 lbs and more without worry about it ripping. They are great for storing items, moving, or camping. Use them at the beach to transport wet sandy towels or items found at the beach, or to sit on. The new desinger duct tapes make them fun and beautiful to create.

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Step 1: Start by Turning the Bag Inside Out.

Turn the bag inside out (do this outside, since there will be crumbs) and wash it with dish soap and a brush. Poke the corners out with a broom handle. Let it dry completely.

Step 2: Fold Over the Top and Tape It.

Fold the top to the outside about two inches all around the top. Then tape it with plain tape since this part will not show, you don't want to waste your designer tape.

Step 3: Cut the Handle Hole.

Fold the bag again another two inches  to the outside, and cut the handle hole. You can create a round hole or a recatange. I used the bottom of a dishwasher box to draw a rectangle. Trace the pattern onto the beach bag with a felt pen. To cut it poke a hole in the middle of the rectangle ( use a exacto knife or razor blade) then use scissors to cut through all thicknesses on both sides.

Step 4: Add Tape!

Tape the bottom of the fold, half on the fold and half on the bag.

Step 5: Tape the Handle

Tape the handle first. folding the tape to the inside.  Do this all around the hole that you cut and on both sides.

Step 6: Finish Covering the Top With Tape.

Continue until the whole top is covered.

Step 7: Add a Pocket

You can leave the bag as it is or add a pocket. To add a pocket get a zip lock bag the size you want. Place it on the bag where you choose and tape the side touching the bag at the top. Don't cover the "zip part" of the bag. Continue to add tape to the outside.  Cut the tape with a tool called a "T square" and a exacto knife to get the edges straight. Cut each segment the same size. Do the cutting off the bag on a hard surface that will not get damaged by the exacto knife. Take each tape segment and add it until the zip bag is covered. When you get to the top fold it to the inside of the zip lock bag.

Step 8: Done

Tie on your dirinking bottle and you are ready to go!

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    7 years ago on Step 8

    Thank you so much for this fantastic Instructable! It is concise, clear, and well documented. And now I have a great project. This would be great to make and then give to friends or strangers :) to promote the BYOBag philosophy. Kudos to you!!