Make Tiny SAM Sites From Trash!

Introduction: Make Tiny SAM Sites From Trash!

About: My name is Christian Morris. I am 16 years old. Please take my instructables with a pinch of salt because I made them when I was nine!

Today I will show you how to make tiny SAM sites from junk

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Step 1: The Rockets

Now we will make the RPGs and they will actually be heat seeking missiles because this instructable is for RC fans like me I have tested it and it works.

Step 1: Get a nail and solder wire and bend the wire around the bottom of the nail.
Step 2: Get some electrical tape and wrap it around the nail.
Step 3: Get some more solder wire and wrap it around the rocket.

Step 2: The Tubes.

Get an old cardboard tube and cut it into long segments and roll it into tubes like seen in the picture make sure the cardboard does not rip.

Step 3: The Centre.

For the center  i just used an old electric motor laying around and just taped the tubes around the motor this is probably the most simple step.sorry about the blurry picture that was even with macro setting on thats how small that motor was!

Step 4: The Base

Now this is quite simple to do all I used was a old bracket from a motor run capacitor and the actual base is a plastic ice cream container that was from when i was eating ice cream and i thought: Hey i could use that for something -Yet another brainwave.

Step 5: The Schematic

Here is the heat seeking detector circuit copy exactly what you see.

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