Make Use of CD's As a Pencil Holder




Do you have cd markers and CDs all over the floor? Well, I have a solution for you. Let's make a cd marker holder out of CDs!

Step 1: Gathering Materials

This time we will need five CDs, and soldering iron.

Step 2: Making the Holder

It's pretty simple to make. Take two CDs. Then you have to place the cd's at 90 degree angle, and then you have to make little holes between them using hot soldering iron. Now if the "standing" cd won't fall, add a CD on opposite side of the base CD. If the both CDs are standing, now we have to place two CDs between (just like on the photo of ready thing). If the placement of CDs is good, make holes (with soldering iron) again to stick them to standing cd's and central hole of the base (we cannot stick them to hole so just to border of it ;). If you are ready and the thing doesn't pretend to collapse in a minute, you can put your pens/pencils/markers etc. on it ;) Thanks for reading my instructable, and remember to check my other ones ;)



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