Make Your Laptop a ChromeBook Without Flash Drive

Seen the chromebook ads? like what you see?
BUT dont have £300 just lying around? well heres a sort of replacemet. first 'able, be nice :D

will be done in the start-->my computer-->etc style

PS) you may want to view as one step, there are lots of small steps :)

a computer

thats it :P

Step 1: Skip If You Have Chrome

download google chrome from :

Step 2:

Start-->Control Panel --> Taskbar and Start Menu --> Select "Auto-hide the Taskbar"

Step 3:

set up google chrome to run automatically on boot. 
start-->control pannel-->scheduled tasks-->add task-->select google chrome-->finish.

Step 4:

just to speed it up and get the chrome finish (trol)
delte everything except chrome (well save what you need) 
start-->set programme defaults etc -->change or remove programmes-->off you go :D
if you really want to delete everything, you may want to run a "system revert", ie, reset to factory settings, i really cba to tell you here, go to 

bish bash bosh, you have a make shift chromebook!

if you want to be geeky, just keep googling to customise how you want it



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    2 Discussions

    King Julien

    7 years ago on Step 4

    I must say, very creative. I will try this when i inevitably get a virus and need to wipe my hard drive. Cant you download the Chrome OS tho?

    1 reply

    thank you :) you can download the OS, but you need a completely blank usb stick, which i didnt have, and as much as i love the idea of the cloud, i dont completely trust, so its nice to have a barebones version of windows, even if it comprimises speed a little.
    im also quite into C++ and i cant find a compiler in the cloud :)
    hope this helps ;)