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I've seen many people trying to emulate the look and feel of a mac. I had to use dozens of different tutorials for more accuracy, and that took a few months (it would have taken less than a week). So here's my first Instructable; be easy on me!! if you always wanted a mac for its looks, than this is the tutorial for you.

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Step 1: What You Need

there are some programs that you need to download to start.

For the looks:
- windowblinds or stylexp
windows gui.
- finderbar
for the file edit view etc. on your taskbar.
- rk launcher or rocketdock
for the lovely dock at the bottom of the screen.
- iconpackager + icons
- wallpaper (optional)
- logonstudio
gives the mac feel on the logon screen. for skin on this one, google it
depending on the OS you are trying to emulate.
For the programs:
- trillian
chat program like ichat.
- itunes
- yahoo! widgets
like konfabulator or dashboard.
- transbar
makes your taskbar transparent.
- styler
has a handy toolbar plus customizable features. skin

Step 2: Moving the Taskbar

this you probably would know, but i'll put this in anyways.
right-click on the taskbar, select properties, deselect unlock
the taskbar, apply, and drag the taskbar onto the top. go
back to taskbar properties, and check "lock the taskbar".

Step 3: The Dock

messing with the dock
the settings may vary depending on the dock program you use. for rk launcher or rocketdock, right-click the seperator and go to settings. look for the position or adjustments tab, and select the bottom position. i attached a few plugins and docklets for your dock. extract the rar's and zips, then save them to your computer.
examples -
C:/Program Files/RK Launcher/docklets
C:/Program Files/RK Launcher/plugins
C:/Program Files/Rocketdock/default/defaultindicator
you probably get the point.

note: you can drag the "poof" image into rocketdock from rk launcher's files. however, the genie effect plugin could only be in rk launcher.

Step 4: The Cursor and "trash"

here's how to change your mac cursors and change the name of the recycle bin to "trash".
extract the files from this .zip then go to control panel. go to the mouse settings, then go to pointers. if you have vista, then just go to properties by right-clicking on the desktop then selecting personalize, then pointers. select the pointers of your choice through "browse" and apply, ok, then exit. voila!

for changing the recycle bin name, click here for a tutorial.

Step 5: Further Customization for Die-hard Mac Fans Who Use Windows.

If this still isn't enough to satisfy your mac hunger, get a program called bootskin.

and if you still need more, just go to and search for skins for any of your programs or for gui.

STILL not satisfied?!? if you have to, check out this instructable. that is how you simply install mac os x onto your pc using osx86.

ok, if that's enough. just get a freaken mac.

oh, and for fun, if you have a nokia phone, you could install these themes i uploaded.

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5 years ago on Introduction

NICE but it makes our pc slow down..


5 years ago on Introduction

NICE but it makes our pc slow down..


5 years ago on Introduction

NICE but it makes our pc slow down..


8 years ago on Step 3

you dont need to do all that
this downolad covers everything its quick and easy


9 years ago on Introduction This is a good video to help you.


9 years ago on Step 5

wtf is with tags? ;)

further customization for die-hard mac fans who use windows..png
J Man!!!

10 years ago on Step 1

 4 star. I like this a lot. I made something like this


10 years ago on Step 1

Can't you just use safari instead of getting a skin for fire fox?

4 replies
J Man!!!scott!

Reply 10 years ago on Step 1

 The new Safari looks nothing like the older version. It looks more windows-based


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Haha, yeah I don't know, I like fire fox too, but I prefer google chrome most of the time though


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

scott, yes. electrick, i don't know, i switch around between the two when one of them crashes or gets slow or hard on my cpu.


10 years ago on Step 5

hey itz nice idea an idea that change the world