Clean and Fill Jugs




Arrange your filled jugs in your freezer as appropriate.

Re-pack the pathetic amount of food you have to sustain you after the tornado, probably two or three frozen pizzas (let's face it, if you can afford to store a side of Angus, you're probably at the country club right now, not reading Instructables).

Optional Step: If the cap to your container fits tightly (i.e. air tight), the pressure build-up from the expanding water may deform, or even crack your jug. I didn't have this problem with milk or water jugs, but did with a vinegar jug. So, if feasible, you might want to leave the lids off until the water freezes.

Optional Step: You may want to cut a piece of cardboard to place over your jugs if you prefer a flat freezer floor.



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    9 years ago

    water bowel - step 2


    9 years ago

    Did you consider the wasted energy used for freezing that large bottles of water? Isn`t it better to place there just empty boxes (or filled with food you need to store)? And above all - isn`t it better to get a smaller freezer and switch this huge thing off? This is not meant being offensive, just a view from the other side... Walis

    1 reply

    Reply 9 years ago

    No offense taken. Those are intelligent questions. You're right, some energy was used to freeze the bottles, however in the long run it's more efficient to replace the air in the freezer with something like water. I.e. it takes a lot more energy (warm air) to raise the temperature of a given volume of water than the same volume of air (or a box or Styrofoam. Just try freezing a block of Styrofoam and put it is your cooler to keep your beer cold. Then try ice). Every time you open a freezer, some of the cold air in the freezer is replaced by warmer air from outside. By filling the empty (air) space with the the water bottles this effect is reduced. This is also one of the reasons chest-type freezers like the one I have are more efficient than uprights. When you open an upright freezer, cold air "falls" out the bottom and is replaced by air from the room coming in the top. From an energy standpoint, you're also correct that the best thing would be a smaller freezer. However I have the freezer I have and it would be very inefficient to toss it just because it's a little too big. Also in the event of an extended power outage, not only will the food I have stay frozen longer, but I have several gallons of fresh water. Thanks for commenting.


    Reply 10 years ago

    thank you Merl! I'm working up to more complicated stuff but having a great time. Love Instructables and saving energy! -Meriwether