Make Your Glow Sticks SUPER Bright




Introduction: Make Your Glow Sticks SUPER Bright

In order to make your glow sticks super bright, just crack them, put them in a microwave for 10 seconds. WARNING: Glow sticks can pop in the microwave if left in to long.

I bought these glow sticks, 1000 for $40 on e-bay, some worked great, but others were kinda dim, a search of solutions turned up this. The life of the glow stick is shortened slightly (12 hours instead of 24) but is much brighter and more useful.

Step 1: NUKE!

Just take dimming glow sticks and place them in the microwave for 10 seconds...
Microwaves excite the hydrogen peroxide in the glow sticks and make the glow sticks react faster (brighter). They will still last for hours though when they start to die, they die for good.




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    DON'T DO IT FOR MORE THAN ZERO SECONDS. This article should be deleted before someone gets seriously hurt. "Oops, I'm blind and don't have a face anymore, but my glow stick was SUPER bright!"

    2 replies

    He microwaved it more than twice the recommended time (21 seconds), soo... I dunno what he was expecting :P

    Just as a satefy precaution, I'd advise containing the microwaved glowsticks in plastic wrap, or some other protective casing, after it's microwaved that is... Preferably one that's as transparent as possible. So on the offchance a glowstick does decide to uh... Bust after it has been "nuked". Though, this method will be nullified if the glowstick is covered before it's microwaved... Best to do so after >.<

    Did you microwave it on Low, Med., or High?

    pretty cool tried it and I could read my book in the middle of the night

    Oh wow! It works. I nuked mine in the microwave for 30 seconds. After I shook it, it got so bright the entire room turned yellow. I had a yellow glow stick. Darn thing lasted 3 weeks. Thanks guys the tip!

    and don't throw away your old glow sticks. they can be used as party decorations with blacklights. when a blacklight hits dead glow sticks, they look live again

    Put them over a radiator thats on or in some hot water, and to make them last longer but with the expense of dimmer sticks, put them in cold water or in a cold fridge :)

    cut down the life heaps tho
    it increases the speed of the reaction

    Yeah the heat will definitely speed up the reaction, but what happens when they cool back down to ambient? Are they just as bright as when hot? It'd be interesting to find out.