Make Your Own Aqua Souvenir





Introduction: Make Your Own Aqua Souvenir

I recently got to take a vacation that I had been dreaming about for over 25 years.  I bought some nice souvenirs, of course, but NONE of them are as cool as wearing some water that came from that place!

My dream vacation had a harbor.  But if it didn't, tap water would STILL have made this necklace/bracelet charm bring back all of those fantastic memories.  :)



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    this lookes really cool! i hope i can try it sometime. it looks fun to do and seams like the finishing touch to a pretty beaded necklace with seashells on it!

    I wonder if this could be used as part of a survival kit for starting fires with the power of the sun? How well does it magnify the light?

    Very nice! These look like a great way to make a really personal memory of a place.

    The big question, though, is where did you get that tiny glass bottle and cork?

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    You can find them in craft stores in the jewelry-making dept. :)

    That's a very nice idea. I could have made a Florida based one. :)

    Me and my family use to go to Florida every year for vacation and we use to bring all kinds of natural treasures home. Like sand, shells and some of the salt water from the beach. My mom like to bring the salt water home as she clamed that she likes to use it as a part of her tanning routine. It would have been so nice to bottle that bit of water like you have shown. Of course I would have added a shell or two as well.
    I might of even added a bit of baby oil too to produce a mini wave action. Who knows?

    Did airport security give you any hassle about having a tiny bottle of unidentified liquid that can't be opened?

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    What I took home was the tiny shampoo bottle that was less than 2 oz. I treated it like I treated all of my liquids (all below a certain size, all in a certain sized baggie) & had no problems at all.

    I made the charm after I was home.

    a LOT easier to carry than the rocks we used to collect, LOL, it started innocently when I brought my daughter a cobblestone from a Philadelphia Pa road repair, then it was a chunk of dark stone from the Poconos and another from a trip to upstate New York

    I have also sean the sand/dirt version layered in a box frame. But heaven help anyone that disturbed the frame and shook up all the memories! Eek :)

    I made something like this only using dirt or sand from where I went...the red sand from southern Utah looks nice next to a bottle of salt from the Bonneville Salt Flats, next to a bottle of sandy stuff from the Sonoran Desert, next to a bottle of water and sand from a Chicago beach,...I could go on and on. And I still do it, they are good and CHEAP mementos of my travels.