Make Your Own Bottle Cap Pins





Introduction: Make Your Own Bottle Cap Pins

What do you do with all of those bottle caps? Find out what you can do with those bottle caps here, make your own pins. All you need is duct tape, bottle caps, safety pins, and a big eraser.

Step 1: Getting Your Materials

What you need for this project is,

- Bottle caps of your choosing
- Duct tape
- big eraser
- Safety pins
- A knife

Step 2: First What You Need to Do Is Cut the Eraser

First you will need to cut the eraser in to rectangles that will fit long ways in the cap. Make sure that when you put the eraser in the cap that it doesn't fall out.

Step 3: Attaching the Pin

With the knife make a slanted cut in the eraser short ways, about 1/3 or less deep. put the side of the safety pin that doesn't open into the slit. Put a small amount of duct tape on top of the slit (make sure it covers the whole back).

Step 4: Finishing Up

Put the eraser in the cap and you have a pin.



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    15 Discussions

    like everybody, I agree, it needs pictures, but this is a lot better than anything I could come up with for an instructable. So, good job!

    I tried this out yesterday. The badge turned out to be decent, but I am thinking of customizing some areas so that it turns out better. Thanks for the Instructable though! I had a lot of fun and it's a great way to make my own badges. :)

    This is ridiculously simple and, as a result, clear enough to understand. Pictures aren't really needed for this, but they would help a great deal, and it's basically tradition. Many people need visual aid. I just have one little thing to pick on about this. "Big eraser" to me means like, a freaking huge eraser. After reading this, I realized that a small or normal sized eraser would do, so I found "big eraser" to be rather misleading. Not that big of a deal. And instead of duct tape, you could easily substitute hot glue or any other strong adhesive, or even something to cram in there (though it wouldn't work as well). Duct tape sounds like it could come off. I've never seen it on an eraser, but from past school experience, erasers flake like dandruff, and tape doesn't stick to well to it. Of course, since you've been using duct tape on erasers in the past, you would know much more about this than I. Using hot glue around the sides and on the back of the eraser would also make it hold better. Not bad for a first instructable. I like it . With pictures, I'd probably call it good. Without them, it seems a little incomplete, because most instructables do have pictures. Still nice, though.

    for this school year im guna make some out of beer caps just to get the administration mad >: ]

    2 replies

    you really need pics, or go into great detail, its hard to understand with one line of text and no pics. but it sould cool.

    good idea...interesting implementation, too...also...I'm sick and f**king tired of people complaining about misspellings on Instructables...(no offense Beanwaur - big fan of your instructables) it's just annoying. I mean, I hate stupid people as much as the next guy (no offense 13yoInvenor) but unless the meaning of the project itself is entirely compromised, who cares?

    it was like 2 in the morning when i signed up, so deal with it

    Apart from the lack of pictures, not a bad instructable. Before your write your next one, gather your ideas and some pictures. Also take a look at some of the good instructables on this site to get a better idea of what is generally expected. Switchfoot Rock!

    1 reply

    i have these little things that you use to make pins they have this peice for hot glue PICS PLEAAAAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    1 reply

    i am working on a video to put up but it isn't coming up so it might be a week or two before there are pics, sorry.

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