Make Your Own Braided Bracelet

Introduction: Make Your Own Braided Bracelet

Here's a tutorial on how to make a simple braided friendship bracelet that you can make for yourself, for a family member, or simply just a friend. It is really easy to make and you'll quickly become a pro at it.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here's what you're going to need for this instructable

• Three different colors of thread, floss, or string
• Scissors
• Tape
• Something smooth to work on like a table or desk

Step 2: Cut and Measure Your String

For the bracelet, you're going to need six strings, two of each color. Personally, I make each string 45 inches long to allow myself to adjust to the size of the wrist easier.

The different wrist sizes are as follows:

1. Small Wrist: 25 to 30 inches
2. Medium Wrist: 30-35 inches
3. Large Wrist: 35-40 inches

This is just an approximation I have made from experience, but just remember it's always better to have too much string than too little. I've made that mistake many times.

Step 3: Starting Off Your Bracelet

Start off by lining up all six strands so that the ends of each piece of string line up, as seen in the photo in the last step. Then hold all of your strands together and fold them in half. Tie a knot at the middle that forms a loop, as seen in the picture above.

Step 4: Tape Your Bracelet to Your Work Area

Once done creating the knot, tape the loop and the knot to the desk.

I found that taping the bracelet to your work area allowed you to braid easier, as you don't have to worry about the bracelet moving all over the place.

Step 5: Separate the Threads Into Three Different Groupings by Color

Separating the different colors will allow the pattern to really show with the single braided bracelet.

Step 6: Here Comes the Tricky Part!

If this is your first time braiding, this may seem confusing at first, so please follow along carefully.

We are going to refer the specific strings to specific numbers:

Group of Left Strings - 1

Group of Middle Strings - 2

Group of Right Strings - 3

• Start off the braid by taking group 1 (left), and putting it over group 2 (middle).
• Take group 3 (right) and bring it over group 1 which should now be in the middle.
• Finally, take group 2 which should be on the left, and put it over group 3 that should've been in the middle.

If done correctly, you should see your first little "x" which is going to be the simple but effective pattern for this braid.

If you have trouble remembering which string should fold over first, just remember that the group that is closest to the flat surface should be the one that should fold over and go to the middle. Using that helped me a lot more than counting like I tried to in the beginning.

Step 7: Repeat Until You Reach a Comfortable Length

Continue doing the pattern in the last step to continue creating the "x" pattern down the bracelet. Once you reach a length that comfortably fits around your wrist, tie the end off with a knot, and cut off most of the excess string.

Be sure to leave at least one inch at the end to allow yourself to be able to close the bracelet.

Step 8: Finished!

Your bracelet should now be done and ready to wear! Simple put the knotted end through the loop around you or your friend's wrist, and tie the knot around the loop in a knot. I hope that this tutorial was able to help you create a simple and beautiful single braided bracelet!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks friend! I really appreciate it, I hope you enjoyed my friendship bracelet!!! <3<3