Make Your Own Chocolate Lego Mold!




Introduction: Make Your Own Chocolate Lego Mold!

This could be done with virtually any toy or figurine but the more detailed it is the harder it may be to get it to come out perfectly.


  • Instamorph Moldable Plastic
  • Legos®
  • Glass dish for heating
  • Sharp Kitchen Knife (Adult Supervision Required!!)
  • Rolling Pin or flat surface to use as a press
  • Cooking Spray

Step 1: Heat Your Instamorph

Pour your instamorph in a glass dish and cover with water.

Heat in the microwave until instamorph becomes clear and the beads stick together.

Step 2: Prepare Mold

Once instamorph is heated carefully remove from the dish and put on a flat surface sprayed with cooking spray.

Use a rolling pin or the bottom of a pan, cover with cooking spray, and then press the instamorph until it is the thickness you desire for your mold.

Step 3: Trim Excess

Using a sharp knife cut off the excess plastic so you have a square mold.

Submerge your plastic in the hot water for another minute.

Step 4: Create Mold

Gather Legos® and remove your plastic mold from the water.

Quickly press legos® into the mold in the desired order.

Let Cool.

Step 5: Remove Legos®

Once the mold is cooled remove the legos® (they should pop out fairly easily) and voila, you have a lego® mold for jello or chocolate.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Hi - an intriguing project indeed!

    Two questions ...

    1) Is InstaMorph/PCL food safe? (This one I mostly answered myself - Google led me to several links talking about applications of medical-grade PCL (polycaprolactone), but went on to say while that grade is guaranteed pure, it is also substantially more expensive than retail-grade. Beyond that I didn't find much more than conjecture that what we can get through retail may or may not have additional contaminates.)

    2) How easy/difficult is it to remove cooled chocolate from a friendly plastic mold, since it is inflexible?