Make Your Own Coconut Bikini Bra With LEDs




Summer vacation is coming, and you want a bikini bra, completely natural materials and eco-friendly, but it's unique.

For under $10 you, too, can make your own coconut bra with LEDs. Make your summer holidays become the best!

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Step 1: Materials List

For this project you will need:


- A coconut

- Thin leather strips or ropes

- Knife - Hand saw

- Spoon

- Sandpaper

- Power drill

- Soldering iron

- Solder

- Glue gun

- Lacquer (optional)

Note: Choose the coconuts for the your size. hehe


- LEDs (20pcs) choose your favorite color

- 3.6V or 3.7V Rechargeable baterries (mini size)

Step 2: Saw the Coconut and Remove the Meat

Poke a hole in one of the eyes of the coconut using a screwdriver. Drain the coconut of its contents through the hole and sip

It's now time to saw your coconut in two pieces. I went lengthwise with my cut, but again, size up the coconut for your breast-cradling needs. A hand saw would work fine for this job.

Remove the meat from the inside of the coconut using a spoon and a knife. Wedge it right between the meat and the shell. It will take some patience and effort.
Use the coconut meat to make your coconut cookies or sweet candy. Try search how to make in Instructables

Step 3: Smooth the Outside and the Edges

A power sander will definitely be your friend here.

If you don't have a power sander available to you, try to trim off all the hairy bits before attacking it with sandpaper.

Use the sand paper to smooth the edges of the coconut husk, this step is very boring, but you need patience to look comfortable, this can take a long time.

Then rub it with steel wool until you are left with a smooth, clean coconut shell.

An optional coat of lacquer would add permanent shine to the shells, though I skipped that step.

Step 4: Drilling

Now mark 4 holes with a marker in each coconut half, 20 holes for 10 LEDs and 2 holes for battery - 52 holes total (this is easier with a friend helping):

- 2 on the inside where the halves will be held together.

- 1 on the top, closer to your arms, for the neck straps.

- 1 on the outside, closest to your arms, for the back straps.

- 20 on the the lower half for LEDs.

- 2 on the bottom for batterys.

I used 5mm drill bit holes for the straps and 2mm for the LEDs

Next, drill the holes where you have marked, being sure to leave at least 1/4 of an inch between the hole and the edge of the coconut.

Step 5: LEDs Mounted in the Holes

Use a glue gun to glue the LEDs into the holes drilled in the previous step, attention anode and cathode.

Then solder joint poles of 10 LEDs together using a solder.

Solder poles of the batteries in the wires, fixed batteries with hot glue, then connect to the LEDs:

- The anode of the battery soldered to the anode of the LEDs.

- The cathode of the battery soldered to the cathode of the LEDs.

Step 6: Attach the Straps

I use ropes to attach two pieces together and strap.

Thread your ropes through the holes you have just drilled. I started with the bottom middle piece, tied one end off, put the coconuts on again to check where I wanted them and then tied the other end off accordingly. Next I did the back straps, then the neck straps, then the top middle strap, all using the same method.

Once you're sure you've got it all adjusted for your own personal fit, trim off the excess from the ends, if necessary.

Step 7: Cover the Solder

Use paper tape to cover the solder, no solder should exist where the coconut will come in contact with the skin.

Step 8: Aloha

Just wearing this bikini bra for summer vacation, handmade, all natural material, eco-friendly.

You will glow in the night, highlight in all, haha.

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Is it waterproof?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I doubt that it is comfortable, especially with the hardness, ropes poking in the breasts and cutting into your shoulders etc. Have you even tried it out? Also are the electronics waterproof, because batteries and water don't go well together.

    The idea with the LEDs is nice, but I would make a more interesting figure with it that compliments the shape. Then there is the battery placement that's a bit weird, but I don't have a real solution to it other than put it on the inside/top in the spare room if there is any.