Make Your Own Donkey With Crocheted Mane




Introduction: Make Your Own Donkey With Crocheted Mane

If you have always wanted to learn how to make stuffed animals, here is your chance. This is an absolutely adorable little sitting donkey. The part that I like the most is the cool feature with croceted mane. The original pattern was from an old book that I saw at the library. You can use what ever frabic you want for this little pet, I used red cotton fabric, but I think courdroy looks really cute too.
To get started here is what you'll need:
Print out of the pattern, and cut it out.

fabric glue
brown/black and white felt
sewing machine yarn
knitting yarn for the mane
crocheting hook that works for the size of yarn you chose

If you'd rather just shop for the real thing, this little guy in the picture below is listed at the Etsy site at:

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Step 1: Sewing Part 1

Copy and print the pattern out the size you want the donkey. For comparison, my body piece size was about 9 ".

Cut out the pices for the donkey from your fabric. Cut the fabric about 1/4" larger than the paper pattern on all sides to account for seam allowances.
(Options: you can cut the ear and belly parts out of white felt, to give the donkey a different look. Here I cut out the insides of the ears out of white felt.)
First I sewed the belly parts together, and then the ears. Tunr the ears inside out.

Second I did the tail. Roll up the white felt and sew the red fabric around it. Pull over the right side of the tail, and sew the seam closed.

Step 2: Sewing Part 2

Now, sew one half of the bottom belly to one of the body parts.

Repeat on the other side. Check out images.

Second, sew the back seam from A-B rmember to insert the tail inside the body correctly.

Third sew the seam inder the chin, C-D. After sewing, cut little slits in the fabric under the chin, and in the leg seams. See images for locations. These seams will let the fabric sit nicely when you turn the model inside out. Be careful not to cut your seams.

There should be a opening left in the back of the neck. turn the donkey inside out.

Stuff donkey starting from the legs.

Step 3: Ears

Sew the neck seam shut. You don't have to worry how this seam looks, since it will be hidden in the finished donkey.

Now we can finish the ears. Fold the cut edges inside the ears, fold the ear in half and sew the bottom seam together.
After that, don't cut the thread, but continue sewing it onto the head of the donkey. I stitched vertically through the ear and head.

Step 4: Crocheting the Mane

Now we get to the exciting part: crocheting the mane

Get your yarn, hook and a pen, dowel, piece of cardboard, ruler, or something else to wrap the yarn around.
I took as illustrative pictures as I could.

First crochet a simple line of loops that is long enough to cover the forhead to the bottom of the neck. Check out the pictures for the tutorial.

After you are done, finish it off by pulling the end of the yarn through the last loop. You could be creative and make other stuff out of this loopy crochet too, it would make a great mane for a lion.

When done, stitch with needle and yarn onto the neck of the donkey.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Take the white and brown felt and cut out little pieces for the eyes. Use the permanent fabric glue to tack them on.

Tadaa! You are all done. Pat yourself on the back. Now are you ready to willing to give it away as a gift?

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    Totally going to make this a giraffe when i find the right fabric...maybe even a ninja giraffe!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Put a horn in the middle and he's transformed from donkey to unicorn! Cute fellow!


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    OH. MY. GOD. I am SOOOO gonna do this now!! I love unicorns, and YES, contrary to popular belief, they exist.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    This thing is hot. :U I'm in love.