Make Your Own Duct Tape Letters and Shapes

Introduction: Make Your Own Duct Tape Letters and Shapes

Making your own duct tapes letters and shapes is really easy!!  I was looking for a method and when I didn't find one, I discovered my own.  You will need a few supplies:

1) Letters and/or shapes you want to cut out.  You can draw your own or print them on your printer.  No need to reverse the print; print the words so that you can read them.  Block letters are best for this project.
2) Sharpie (I used a fine tip)
3) Duct Tape- as many colors as you need for your project.
4) Scissors
5) Petroleum jelly- Vaseline or anything like it.
6) X-acto knife- optional, but it helps when you need to cut out letters like "o", "b", "a", "e"- anything with a hole in it.
7) Surface you want to mount the letters to.

Step 1: Trace over or create your letters and shapes with a Sharpie.  You want the ink to bleed through the paper.

Step 2: After you have traced over all the letters and shapes cover them with a thin layer of petroleum jelly.  Spread this out over anywhere on the paper where the duct tape will touch.  The petroleum jelly will not stick to the tape and the tape will stick to the page well enough to work with.  Don't over do it- a very thin layer is all that is needed, just make sure that it covers your letter/shape.

Step 3: Cover your letters and shapes with the color duct tape you would like to work with.  Make sure that the tape covers the entire shape.  If the shape is larger than your piece of duct tape (see yellow shape), use more than one piece.  There will be a seam.  Press the tape down hard enough to stick to the paper.

Step 4:  Flip the page over.  You should see the shapes and letters you traced on the back of the paper.

Step 5:   Use the scissors to cut out your letters and shapes.  You may want to use the knife to cut out any inner shapes (like the center of the "O").  The paper should separate cleanly from the duct tape, leaving the tape adhesive for you to mount to your selected surface.

Step 6:  Arrange your letters and shapes on your desired surface.  Enjoy!! 

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