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After doing the first and the second version of magnetic stirrer, I thought that could be a good idea to make a 2s version.
I redesign it to make it simpler to use. Also it is more stable that 2nd version. 
You can use it however you want. You can blend your tea or coffee, and because it's also portable you can take it wherever you go. 
It is lighter and the only thing you need to make it works is a 9V battery. 
You can also use it in your chemistry lab.
I hope you'll like it!

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Step 1: Materials

Most of my materials are recycled so don't forget to keep your old devices to salvage useful parts.
- 3x2 cm perf-board
- a LM317 Terminal Adjustable Regulator (recycled)
- wire (preferably colored)
- 1 red LED (preferably super bright)
- a 5KΩ potentiometer
- 1KΩ resistors (recycled)
- a 240Ω resistor(recycled)
- a 10µF polarized capacitor (recycled)
- a 0.1(100n)µF capacitor (recycled)
- a panel mount 2.1mm DC barrel jack
- a CD-ROM(DVD-ROM/RW) geared motor (recycled)
- a 9V battery clip
- a 9V battery
- a 12V DC power supply with 2.1 mm jack
- a 1N4007 diode
- a CD case for 20 CDs (recycled)
- a black paint spray
- varnish
- a round piece of steel
- a round piece of glass(bigger than the case's diameter) (recycled)
- shrink tube
- 40 cm of plastic hose (0.5-0.7 cm thick, preferably colored)(recycled)
- solder wire
- 4 x 3mm screws(recycled)
- 4 x screw nuts(for 3 mm screw)(recycled)
- 1 x 4mm screw
- 1 x 4mm screw nut
- a small cooling radiator(you can get it from the processor of a video card)
- easy slide pads
- 2 x round classic magnets(recycled)
- 5 x 3 mm thick round magnets(5 mm diameter)(recycled)
- superglue

Tools needed:
- Cutting tools
- A drill

Step 2: Paint the Case

First thing you have to do is to make the holes for the DC jack, the LED and the potentiometer. You're free to make wherever you want, but firstly I recommend you to make a plan of magnetic stirrer in your mind.
Next clean the CD case and be sure that there aren't no more fats or dirt.
Design and paint the case. I choose the black color because it looks great.
After that, you may varnish your case in order not to "lose" the paint.

Step 3: Cut the Bottom of CD Case

In order to fit the geared motor in the case, I have to cut a piece of the middle "tower" from the inside of the CD case.
After that, put the support of the geared motor on the middle "tower". If the 4 mm screw is too big, cut it.

Step 4: Make the Circuit

Firstly, you may clean your perfboard by washing it and rubbing it with a sponge.
After that, you shouldn't touch the perfboard in order not to let your fingerprints on the perfboard.
Then you're free to start soldering the stable parts (the chip, the capacitors,..).
Mount the potentiometer, the LED and the DC barrel jack.
Next solder the mobile parts, I mean the wires.

Step 5: Mount the Magnets

Mount both classic magnets on the round steel sheet.
Glue them with superglue in order not to "fly" when you're using the magnetic stirrer.
Mount the top of the CD case. The magnetic stirrer is almost done.

Step 6: Make the Chemicals Protector for the Case

Take the round piece of glass, align it on the case and make some notes.
After that, take three transparent easy slide pads and stick they on the glass so as it will be fixed, will not anymore be able to move.
Take the bigger tube, make a straight cut on it, fix it on the glass's edge, then stick the ends of it (the tube) with superglue.
This thing will protect your stirrer against chemicals's action.

Step 7: Make Your Own Stirring Bar

Make a bar of the six little magnets.
Varnish it in order not to rust.
Now you can use it as a stirring bar.

Step 8: That's All.

Below you have the prove that the magnetic stirrer 2s is working.

I hope you've enjoyed making it!
Have a nice day!
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6 years ago on Introduction

You could save yourself A LOT of effort by just gluing the magnets to a CPU fan and then attaching that to the Potentiometer. Then as a power source use an old cell phone charger. BAM stir plate.

2 replies

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

First, I have tried to work with HDD magnets, but they are useless for me because they are multipolar.
Secondly, the magnets can affect the fan. By the ways, this CD-ROM motor uses less than 2 V to work so it's more efficient than a fan.
Thank you for comment.


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

You mean if you can buy a stirrer from me ? I think the biggest problem here is the shipping.


6 years ago on Introduction

Think it would be possible to increase the size on this to work in a five gallon water bottle?

1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

I think it could be possible if you increase the size of the magnets and the power of the motor. And you need a bigger stirring magnet.


6 years ago on Introduction

Andreyeurope, nice work here!

I was just looking to solve a problem with water circulation in a diy sous vide setup and this might be a viable solutiion! Current circulation methods in diy setups use in-line water pumps or air bubblers which in my opinion are not as effective as this!

1 reply

6 years ago

I absolutely love this idea, simply because of the amount you recycled! You have my vote.

1 reply