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Geekery in its finest!  A double dose of it!

I am a total Dr. Who and Star Wars nerd.
Now my kids are too!
If you aren't will be at the end of this tutorial!

These Polymer clay pens are the perfect Back to School accessory for any child, teen, college student or adult at the office!
You will love how simple they are too!

Prepare yourself for my usual PHOTO OVERLOAD!

I guess I am a visual learner.  I can do anything if I see someone else do it...therefore the gangs of pics!
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Step 1: "Ooh, This Could Be a Little More Sonic."

Let's begin with the Sonic Screwdriver, although both pens are relatively similar.

You will need:

I use papermate because they are CHEAPO and the ink pulls out from the tip...
which means, I don't throw away all my hard work!
(Walmart: 97 cents for a 10 pack)
Begin by removing the ink and cutting the tab off of the lid.

Fimo or other polymer clay.
this clay bakes to harden...30 minutes at 225*
{how much clay do I need?}
We had brown, teal, pink, silver, black and glow in the dark.
Did we use it all?  No...but the variety is fun!
I need to get me some TARDIS blue!

A Marble. (simulating the sonics light)

Let's get started!
Here we have the replica of David Tennants (the 10th Doctor)
Sonic Screwdriver and a pen...see the vast size difference?

Step 2: It's a Timey-Wimey Detector...It Goes "Ding" When There's Stuff!

I taped a square of wax paper down on the table to use as a work mat.

begin with a small ball of clay...twice the size of your marble or so.
Polymer clay softens as the heat from your hands warms it up.
If it feels too hard, just hold it tight in your hand for a few minutes.

I divided the swirled silver and glow in the dark clay
and gave some to my son and my daughter...and to me.
Told them to roll it out...into a snake

then roll it around the pen tube.  At this point you can keep
it like a spring-like coil or roll gently to smooth it out.

Mark your pen with sharpie where the lid ends. 
This way you can make sure it fits back on.

Step 3: I've Got to Invent a Setting for Wood. It's Embarrassing!

For the lid.
I made a tornado shaped coil on the top of the pen lid.
put a tiny ball of clay inside and pressed it gently with another pen.

Then I pressed the marble inside and smooshed the
tornado of clay around it tightly!

Or you can build a cage around your marble similar
to Matt Smith's (the 11th Doctor) sonic.

When you are finished with the sonic...
Put on a baking sheet.  Lid on the pen and all.
Bake for 30 minutes at 225*
Remove from oven and let cool for at least 15 minutes.

Step 4: Laser Screwdriver. Who'd Have Sonic?

Here is the size comparison with the replica sonic! 
You can see that by adding clay, the pen looks
amazingly realistically awesome!

Then you are ready to put the ink back into your pen tube!
And Allons-y!  You have one Bad Wolf of a Sonic Screwdriver Pen!

Imagine going back to school with a sonic screwdriver pen...
hardly anyone would know what it was...but they would all think it was awesome!

Step 5: May the Force Be With You!

You love it...right?

Here's the step by step for the LIGHTSABER pens! 

Again, same pens...same marble.

Coil a snake of clay around the tube of the pen.
Press and roll to form the smooth lightsaber blade.

Step 6: Don't Be So Proud of This Technological Terror You've Created

The lid becomes the hilt.  We used black clay and decorated it with silver.
lid clicks back on like so...

Once they were finished, we put them like this on a baking sheet
into the oven for 30 minutes at 225*
The white one glows in the dark!

Step 7: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing...

Once baked and cooled off, we put the ink back inside!

What kid wouldn't just love writing with a lightsaber in school!
Or giving as friend gifts at Christmas time!??

Here's the sonic screwdrivers and lightsabers in perfect harmony!

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable!  Please vote for me!
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3 years ago

oh my gosh this idea is so cool u should follow me

Thanks Grant! Polymer clay is at every craft store...brand names like Fimo, Sculpey...and the stores off brand...comes in tons of colors. It just bakes hard. The pens survive the oven/baking process as long as the ink is removed! Opens a new world of possibilities huh? :)

Yes it does. I want to play with some to get some hands-on experience. Now I'm really wishing we were neighbors!! haha. You do a lot of super sweet projects! I haven't heard of any of the craft stores, but maybe one day I'll venture out to look at them :D

Michaels and Hobby Lobby both do 40% off coupons...Hobby Lobby has tons of stuff 50% off every week and it changes up every week...lots of weeks their clay is half price, so that's when I buy it! :) Yes, wish we were neighbors! We made your slime yesterday and played with it for hours. We didn't have clear glue so we used our white glue...made a pastel green slime, but super fun! :) The kids loved seeing you and Rhys!

Thanks so much for the tips Natalie! I'm so glad to hear you guys liked the slime, and the video as well! I love seeing your stuff .. looks so professional! :D

If you cant bake it, use air dry clay! There is no baking involved! No burns, wobbly things, nope! None! Air dry clay juts dry by air! :D


5 years ago

I made a few sonic screwdrivers for my friends. I don't have as pretty colors as you, but I think they'll like them nonetheless!

14, 9:00 PM.jpg
1 reply

5 years ago on Step 4

This is really cool! I don't think I have enough polymer clay, though... I like how all of the steps have quotes from Doctor Who!


5 years ago on Step 4

This is really cool! I don't think I have enough polymer clay, though... I like how all of the steps have quotes from Doctor Who!