Make Your Own Super Capacitor Flashlight

Introduction: Make Your Own Super Capacitor Flashlight

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Hi everyone!


As promised, I designed a super capacitor charger kit that allows for the user to charge their 5.4v super capacitor bank to roughly 5.33v safely.  This is a follow up to my first super capacitor flash light instructable that is linked below.  Above are two videos.  One is a demonstration video, and one is an assembly video.    I've included the charger board schematic and code if you want to make one yourself.  I also have a kit available, which I've also posted a link for below.

I am a huge fan of making kits, and I'm soon going to be making an instructable that will show you how to modify your XBOX 360 controller so that it works off of super capacitors, rather than batteries.  If you know super caps, you'll know why this is super beneficial!  The documentation below, and the videos above will show you in detail how you can build your own super capacitor flash light.  If you want to learn more about how the circuitry works, check out the link to the instructable linked below.    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  If you want to know more about super capacitors, check out my guide-to-super-capacitors instructable.  If you want to see more super capacitor videos, check out my youtube channel "patrickikis". 

This instructable is based off my old super capacitor flash light instructable that goes into more detail.  This instructable can be found here:

Thanks for having a look at my instructable, everyone =)

Booster Board Code:
PCB Layout:
harger Board Schematic:
arts Available Here:

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    7 years ago on Introduction


    Can someone guide me on how to calculate the charge and discharge time of a capacitor bank if voltages and current are known

    With a 9v 650ma transformer I charged my two 2600 2.5v super caps at 1300 farad at 5v with the super cap charger and the power resistor got so hot that the power side of the board got hot also, so i installed a small cooling fan connected to the power supply and placed it next to the power resistor and that took care of the heating issue. still i had to watch the multi-meter as it got close to 4.85v. it took about 2 hours to charge my 1300f bank with the voltage of the bank down to 2.8v, the charge controller charges the 400 farad 5.4v bank in 20 mins from 2.8v and last 1.5 hour using the digital clock, booster set at 5.5v. 2.8v is when my 3.4-34v booster shuts down. still, two hours to charge the 1300 f bank to 4.85v and last 9 hours running pats digital clock/alarm/timer is not bad! I plan to install a heatsink over the resistor and a small 5v fan over that to keep it lasting for a long time, heat kills everything so keep it cool.
    this super cap charge kit is a must have and im glad to own one, along with his 3.4-34v booster i can run my 5-9 and 12v accessories for a long time with either the 1300f or the 200f banks. cant beat the price for either of the two kits!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    will that kit work for a 3,000 farad 2.7 caps?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, but it would take quite a long time to charge. However, if you have a better power supply, say 9v at 4A, you could change the value of the charge resistor to faster charge your cap bank =)