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Introduction: Make Your Own Wookie Hoodie!

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Have you seen the Wookie Hoodies available on Amazon and other sites like Ebay?
Well you could go ahead and order one. It will cost you about $100 including postage to most countries. They are made cheaply in china and likely not entirely ethically in a sweat shop.
Well you can easily make your own for practically zero cost.

I made this one for about $8 total cost.

I just selected an old Hoddie I already had that was a good fit and starting to fade and look a bit rough.

Step 1: Get Some Fur.

The next thing you need is some Wookie fur. I found a faux fur rug at the local recycling shop. You can try a local op-shop, or second hand store that sells clothes and general household goods. This rug is perfect as its the right color and same look as the material used to make the commercial wookie hoodies. But you could use many kinds of recycled fur coat or similar material. The longer the fur the better the wookie look.

Step 2: Pattern Layout.

Next you want to get some newspaper and trace the shapes of your hoodie onto the newpaper and cut out the shapes. Follow the seams in your hoodie when working out each shape to make on the newspaper. This hoodie has a zipper so you'll need left and right side plus a back and then 2 half ovals for the hood.
I didn't have enough fur to do the sleeves for this one so that's for another day.

Next turn over the fur and layout the newpaper pattern to minimize waste of the material, and cut out the shapes.

Step 3: Sewing

Now if you have a sewing machine that can handle the thickness you can start sewing the fur onto your hoodie in sections. I found this was too hard for the thickness of my hoodie and fur so I ended up having to hand sew the whole lot. This took about 9 hours during spare time over a few days. If you have pockets in your hoodie dont forget to cut holes in the fur before you sew on those sections. Go slowly, no need to rush the hand sewing. You can save time by joining two fur sections together while you sew them along the hoodie seems for some sections.

To avoid gaps showing between sections of fur, zig zag the thread from one section to the other over the hoodie seams and pull tightly together. You can also go back over any gaps you find with more thread later.

The pockets are pretty simple. Just sew the fur to each pocket opening and another line of thread holds down the fur next to the pocket.

Step 4: Finished Hoodie

Ive managed to do a good vacant model impression for ya :)

The fur down the zipper is stitched with a slight gap from the edge to stop the fur getting caught in the zip.
Ive made no effort to fold under the seams of the fur so there will be a lot of fur bits coming off the sides for a while.

The end product is pretty nice with this easy method. Another option would be to use the hoodie as a template only (or an existing hoodie pattern) and make the hoodie from just the fur for a lighter cooler hoodie.
This one is super warm as its a double layer. Ok all done. Hoodie cost me about $4 when I originally bought it at a second hand shop and the small fur rug was $4 also so total cost is $8 plus a little thread and lots of time.
If you make one of these, post a link int he comments.
You could also add a wookie ammo belt for the final touch using a wide belt or similar sowed onto the front.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! I like that you made this with an existing hoodie as the base. That's really clever, and simplifies the process!