Make Your Own Bit Belt Hack




Introduction: Make Your Own Bit Belt Hack

This instructable is pretty self explanatory. For those of you not wanting to spend $5 plus shipping, then waiting for your bit belt to arrive can make this simple hack for your Disney World Magic Bands.

Although I've never had an issue with my Magic Band coming undone, here's an almost free hack to keep it from happening.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is a small rubber band. This is one of those little ones they sell in the hair dep. in the stores, for doing up little girl's hair. They're less than $3 for a whole bag of about 100 of them, they come in many colors or you can buy just black ones. They also sell them at the Dollar Tree if you have one by your house.

Step 2: How To

Just wrap your rubber band around your Magic Band a little ways ABOVE where your going to clip it on.

About 3 times or so will work, it just need to be snug.

Snap your Magic Band on

Roll your rubber band down over where the two ends come together


Simple yet effective!



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    6 Discussions

    This is great!! With the rubberband, did it agitate you or bother you like pinch your skin or anything? Thank you!

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    No I have 2 on my watch, the rubber thingy broke a long time ago, and I just replaced it with rubber bands, 2 because over time they break down from hand washing and showering and break, but that's over a period of months.

    This is great! I couldn't see paying that much for the bit belts but didn't want to worry about little ones losing their magic bands. Thank you!

    1 reply

    This is great! It's even effective when the loop on your watch band breaks. I love watches and I've had that happen a few times.

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    that's actually how I got the idea, the little rubber thingy on mine broke and wouldn't stay buckled without it so I just threw a rubber band on it and kept going. LOL been almost a year now and still works.