Make Your Own Bookmark




Are you tired of using that scrap piece of paper to mark your place in a book?
Are you bored?

     Then make your own bookmark!

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Step 1: Materials

You'll Need: 

+ Computer & Printer (Unless you want to illustrate a design)
+ Paper (I used copy paper, but any kind of paper will do; card stock for example.)
+ Peel & Stick Transparents from Duck 
+ Scissors or X-acto Knife

+ Hole puncher
+ Ribbons, charms, etc.

Step 2: Open Up Photoshop

Open up Photoshop and make a new file.

You can make it any size you want, I made mine 6" x 2" . 

**If you don't have Photoshop, you can download a program like it (such as Gimp), or you can even use Keynote (Microsoft Powerpoint) and use the ruler on there to measure the size. 

You won't have as much flexibility to design your bookmark in Powerpoint / Keynote, but if you get creative with the programs tools, you could make one just as if you used Photoshop. :) **

Step 3: Decorating

Now add some elements to your bookmark.

I found these here:

(I then used one of the brushes Photoshop brings)

Finally I added a border. 

**Even if you don't want a border on your final product, I would make a thin line representing the edge of the bookmark so you know where to cut. :) **

Step 4:

Print and cut your bookmark.

I used my x-acto knife and a ruler to guarantee straight edges, but obviously scissors work just fine. :) 

Step 5: Laminate

Now to laminate your bookmark so it could last. 

You could use a laminating machine if you have one, but I bought laminating peel and stick sheets. 

You just measure it right so that you can fold it over. 

Push out any air bubbles and make sure it sticks to paper good.

Then just cut the excess off with scissors or x-acto knife. 


Technically, you're done. 

BUT, here's something else you can do. 

Get a hole puncher, and put a ribbon through the hole. You could put some beads or charms on the ribbon to make it pretty. :) 

The hole puncher I used makes 2 slits, but a regular hole puncher works just fine.



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    Question 1 year ago on Step 6

    Can I use GIMP in creating bookmark? because I don't have Photoshop.