Make Your Own Colourful Plant Pots

Introduction: Make Your Own Colourful Plant Pots

About: Im someone who cant sit around on my work days off watching tv, so like to make things. I look at something then think " I could make that " i then set about using as much upcycled & recycled materials as i ...

After searching around my local garden centre looking for some plant pots & not being able to find any that i liked, i decided to do my own. I remembered that my local shop sold sweets from large plastic tubs, so the next time i went in asked the shopkeeper what he did when the tubs were empty. His reply was that he threw them away & if i wanted some i could have them for free & if i came back in about a weeks time he would save them for me. A week later after visiting the shop again i was given 8. I then went to the poundshop in town and purchased 2 cans of gloss spray in the colour that i wanted. I drilled a few holes in the bottom of the tubs to allow for drainage & gave them a good clean to get rid of all the sweet remnants. The next day  i gave them all a couple of coats of the paint on the inside.( Make sure you spray the inside as if you spray the outside you will not get the shine ).  They were then left a day to completely dry before i put my plants in them. I managed to do all 8 tubs with the 2 cans of spray & still had some spray left. I now had 8 colourful plant pots & all for only £2. Hope you like my instructable & if you do please vote for it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    It's amazing how adding color to your surroundings can affect your mood, right?

    mick bull
    mick bull

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Very much so craftclarity, we didn't want the usual brown, green or blue one's that are available to buy so this was a nice cost effective option.