Make Your Own Creative Xmas Stockings From Felt and Scraps

Introduction: Make Your Own Creative Xmas Stockings From Felt and Scraps

Here is a step by step tutorial to sewing your own customized Xmas stocking from found scraps and decorations.

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Step 1: Assembling Your Supplies

You will need:

A piece of sturdy cloth as long as your stocking pattern doubled over



embroidery thread or button thread in complimentary colors


Marking Pen

Grocery Sack or Pattern Paper

A Christmas Stocking or a general idea of what shape one should be

An iron can be useful for pressing appliques or seams, but not mandatory

Found items like:

pieces of felt cut in shapes
pieces of fur

Step 2: Making Your Pattern

1. Take your sample stocking and pattern paper/paper bag and spread it out.

2. Trace your stocking OR draw your stocking shape out on the paper.

3.  Cut out your pattern.

4. Pin your pattern to your doubled piece of cloth.  

Make sure the side you want facing out on the finished stocking is faced to the inside (both surfaces touching each other when you start cutting.

Step 3: Putting Your Decorations Plans Together

1. Lay out your cut stocking pieces to the right side facing out.

2. Start piecing the decorations you would like to be on the outside facing parts of the stockings.

3. Pin them in place.

Cuff decorations are best left for sewing on after the stocking has been sewn entirely together.

Step 4: Get Those Creative Juices Flowing: Sewing the Decorations On

1. Sew the decorations on.

Here I use a running stitch with button thread to sew on an applique of leaves.

This is the time to let all your creative juices flow.  You can add all sorts of decorations to the stocking including embroidery, beads, and applique.  

This is also a good time to add on a name or initials.  

It is best to leave trims that will go all the way around the stocking for once the stocking is sewn together.

Step 5: Pinning and Sewing the Stocking Together

(first pic is fuzzy, but second pic shows out marvelous the turning out looks) 

Once you are done with your design, turn the outside facing sides inward.

1. Pin your stocking sides together.

2. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the entire stocking, making sure to use tight stitches to prevent gaping and holes.

3. Carefully turn your stocking right side out.

An iron can be really helpful here in turning out nice smooth seams.

Step 6: Adding the Cuff and Loop

1. You can hem the edge and add a loop for hanging at this point.


1. Cut out a cuff piece that wraps around the top of your stocking.

2. Set it into the inside of your stocking and pin it inside the cuff.

3. Use a running stitch to secure it.

4. Fold it over and smooth the seam to a nice smooth edge.

5. Secure to the stocking outside as needed.

6. Add a loop of cloth at the edge for easy hanging and secure with strong stitches.

And there you go! Your own customized Xmas Stocking!  :)

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