Make Your Own Dust Bunny (Mak'kuro Kurosuke)





Introduction: Make Your Own Dust Bunny (Mak'kuro Kurosuke)

As seen on Ghibli's "My Neighboor Totoro", dust bunnies, also known as Mak'kuro kurosuke, are fluffy ghosts that inhabits dark places like attics and basements.

Making a dust bunny takes less than 1 hour and it's pretty easy to do.

Step 1: What You Will Use.

To make a dust bunny you'll need:

- dark wool (black, dark brown, dark blue..)
-a pen to draw the pattern
-a big and a small round object to draw the pattern (saucers, coins, CD's..)
-eyes that can be made by yourself or bought in stores.

Step 2: Starting..

Start drawing the pattern of your dust bunny:

- with a saucer, draw a circle with +/- 3 diameter.
-with a smaller round object , draw another circle inside of the first one.
-make two of these patterns. Make sure they are identical.
-cut them "!

Step 3: Start Rolling the Wool

-put the two patterns together
-cut a long piece of wool (+/- 2,5 meters) , and tie it on the two patterns, like the images below.
-roll the wool all around the patterns.
-if the wool run out before you full filled the patterns, don't worry, just cut another piece of wool and continue.
-you can roll as many wool as you want, in order to make it more fluffy.

Step 4: The Vital Step.

-now you gotta have tons of patience.
-carefully, start cutting the wool, passing the scissor through the middle of the two patterns.
-don't let the wool get out of the patterns.
-Then, pass another piece of wool around the middle of the patterns to tie. Remember to tie really, really, REALLY STRONGLY.

Step 5: Remove the Patterns

-now with the wool tied strongly =), remove the patterns carefully.
-use your hands to make it round and uniform.
-with your scissor, cut the remaining pieces of wool.

Step 6: Make It See

-with paper and pens, make two eyes for the dust bunny.
-You can buy little eyes in handcraft stores.
- to fix the eyes , use hot glue or stitch it yourself.

-Voil�, your own dust bunny is finished. They like to live in flock, so make tons of them! :*



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    17 Discussions

    I love Susuwatari!!! and these are stunning!!! Everything "Ghibli related" is lovely in my opininion :) I'm a huge fan of Totoro and Spirited Away (well, actually I'm a fan of all Studio Ghibli films, hehehehe) .I recently made an instructable of edible "soot sprites" for a contest, so I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts and maybe vote on my project :)

    cool. I'd like to make a bunch of these and put them underneath the cabinet and leave them there till someone eventually sees them. hee

    I'm sorry for any misspell. I'm Brazilian and I don't speak English very well.. by the way it's my first Instructable, too.

    3 replies

    Your English was fine. I was thinking that making a plug to stick in the middle hole as you cut around the discs might make it easier to avoid having strands of yarn fall out of the pattern. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go get some black yarn....

    You did a good job, i managed to understand no problems! Great work, i love that film.

    YES! I just found my black yarn and made one!!! It turned out REAL fluffy!

    YAY! The Totoro movie is spreading out and people are making ideas. Love it!!! ^.^

    SWEET! I have this movie in english, and I think a dust bunny would be SO KEWL to have on my art desk _
    I LOVE "totoro". This kinda works for the soot dudes from "spirited away" too, right?

    i made one finally and it is so cute! My Step-dad says he wants one for his office so he can say that he actually has a dust bunny in his office.

    Serious? I saw this on TV when i was 9 or 10... but there wasn't mak'kuro kurosuke... so i put them eyes and voilá

    (hums) Tonari no Totoro, Totoro ..... damn, now I'll never get that back out of my head... btw, I have all the Ghibli movies... in the original Japanese... I LOVE "Mimi o Sumaseba" AKA "Whisper of the Heart"... its totally in line with a DIY worldview.

    my wall.jpg
    1 reply

    I was going to put image notes on this, but I can't figure out how to do that on a comment. this is my bedroom's corner... the items shown are: 1 weather station 2 lamp 3 speakers 4 Totoro wall scroll 5 annotated diagrams of Fat Man and Little Boy, the atomic bombs that ended WW2. If the FBI ever raided my house, they'd be very confused... especially by my "My Little Pony" shaped nerve gas canisters and "Hello Kitty" assault rifles. just kidding... please don't gitmo me.

    my wall.jpg

    Awesome! I love Totoro, still have the VHS from when I was a kid (which wasn't too long ago) Actually, when I clicked on the link I was thinking of Totoro and happy to see that you were too! Also a useful skill to have if you ever need to make something fluffy :P