Make Your Own Floral Faerie Hair Ornament! Great for Weddings and Costumes.




Introduction: Make Your Own Floral Faerie Hair Ornament! Great for Weddings and Costumes.

Floral hair ornaments are a beautiful addition to a fantasy themed costume, wedding apparel, or everyday wear if you are a flower child like me.  In this instructable, I will show you an example of a hair clip I made, though it really only takes imagination, creativity, and whatever trinkets inspire you (and make you want to wear them in your hair).

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Step 1:

Gather your supplies:
a. Hair clip
b. Anything that inspires you to make your hair clip, in this example it is fake flowers, a feather butterfly, beads, upcycled earrings, and fake greenery.
c. Clothespins
d. Wire cutters and wire if applicable
e. Industrial strength, volatile organic solvent based glue
f. Paper towels or something else to keep your workspace safe from glue

Step 2:

Set down the paper towel or whatever you are using to protect your workspace.

Step 3:

Get out your fake leaves, hair clip, and glue.

Step 4:

Apply glue to the top of the hair clip.
WARNING: Glue is based on a volatile organic solvent and fumes can be toxic.  Perform crafting in a well ventilated area.

Step 5:

Place the leaves on the hair clip.

Step 6:

Use clothespins to keep leaves attached to glue properly.  This pressure allows the leaves to adhere optimally.
Set aside clothespin-held leaves and hairclip and allow solvent to evaporate.

Step 7:

Cut off a piece of twine-covered wire.

Step 8:

Bend one end of the wire over to prevent it from stabbing people.

Step 9:

Cut off unraveled twine.

Step 10:

Twist twine wire around, leaving one end straight and the other end slightly bent.

Step 11:

Remove the wire from the feather butterfly. This should slip out easily, but if not, a little force may need to be applied. Be careful to not damage the butterfly, since these tend to be fragile.

Step 12:

Apply glue to the bent end of the twine covered wire.

Step 13:

Attach butterfly to glued section of twine.  Do not use a clothespin to secure it, but find a way to keep it upright, allowing the butterfly to not have any external or net forces on it.

Step 14:

Gather supplies for beaded part of hair ornament.  These include beading wire, wire clippers, beads, and upcycled earrings.

Step 15:

Begin beading by taking one end of the beading wire (while it is attached to the spool) and threading beads onto it.

Step 16:

When you feel that you have enough length of beads, cut the wire, leaving plenty of extra wire at the ends.

Step 17:

Thread wire through the first upcycled charm.

Step 18:

Loop wire around a few times.

Step 19:

Take two of the beads at the end. These will be used to secure the end of the wire.

Step 20:

Loop the wire through the first bead and pull through tight.

Step 21:

Loop the wire through the two beads and pull through.  Do this a couple of times.
Twist the wire around to secure it.

Step 22:

Warning: Do not let this happen.  I have accidentally lost beads on the opposite side of the one I was working on.  It is frustrating and wastes time.

Step 23:

On the opposite end, loop the wire around the other charm.  Loop a few times.

Step 24:

Use the same process of looping and tugging the wire through the last two beads in order to secure the end.

Step 25:

Cut the wire to a manageable length.

Step 26:

Push the wire down into the beads.  You may need to use pliers to help you pull it through at the end.

Step 27:

Take the clothespins off of the leaves and hairclip.

Step 28:

Cut a piece of wire and use it to attach the beads to the hair clip by wrapping it around.

Step 29:

Twist the wire at the end to secure it.

Step 30:

Cut off excess wire.
Wrap wire around itself to secure the end.

Step 31:

Take butterfly and twine and remove the twine from the bottom end.

Step 32:

Slip bare wire under beading wire around the hair clip. This is surprisingly secure, but future glue will completely secure it.

Step 33:

It is perfectly welcome to have last minute ideas.  Crafting artistic ornaments is best done through inspiration and creativity, not a step by step process.  Here, I decided to make the beads not two straight tails from the clip, but instead all looped and swirly.  To do this, you use the same method of wrapping wire around, twisting it at the end, cutting the excess off, and wrapping the remainder around itself to secure it.

Step 34:

Do this to the other end as well.

Step 35:

Get the other greenery.
Apply glue to backside of greenery, where you wish to adhere it to the leaves.

Step 36:

Apply greenery to leaves and secure with a clothespin.

Step 37:

Cut unsightly plastic ends off of flowers.

Step 38:

Glue bottom of flower.

Step 39:

Apply flower to hair clip.

Step 40:

Do the same for the other flowers.

Step 41:

Gently lay the completed hair ornament somewhere it will be safe.
Allow it to rest for at least overnight.

Step 42:

Enjoy your beautiful hair ornament!

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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Urgh, this is so beautiful. I'm going to make this for my bestfriend. She's having a beach party. This will be perfect. I love this work so much, it's so amazing. Xoxo from me!


    4 years ago

    So beautiful! I hope I can make this sometime!!!


    6 years ago

    This is awesome how much would it cost for all the supply's??


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Well it really depends on what you want to make and how much you get. The supplies for this consist of mostly items you can already find around your house or pick up for a few bucks at a dollar store or craft store. I can go through the list for you =)

    a. Hair clip -- You can salvage this from a hair clip you no longer like or buy a bag of them for a few bucks.
    b. Anything that inspires you to make your hair clip, in this example it is fake flowers, a feather butterfly, beads, upcycled earrings, and fake greenery. -- This can be anything you have around, usually scrap crafting material or unwanted decorations/jewelry can be converted into a lovely hairclip. If you want to buy them, fake flowers are only a dollar to a few dollars at a dollar or craft store. Feather butterflies are a couple dollars at a craft store, beads are a few dollars at a craft store, charms (what I used the old earrings for) are a dollar or so at a craft store, and fake greenery can be taken from fake flowers you purchase.
    c. Clothespins -- I think you can find these at Walmart or something of the sort, though I had these around the house.
    d. Wire cutters and wire if applicable -- If you want to do beading, get beading wire at a craft store, which should be a few dollars. Wire cutters can be found there as well for several more dollars.
    e. Industrial strength, volatile organic solvent based glue -- This is several dollars at a craft store. Industrial strength glue is necessary since you want it to bond a variety of materials together and you want it to not fall apart!
    f. Paper towels or something else to keep your workspace safe from glue -- You can get this anywhere =P

    All of these supplies together would give you enough to make a multitude of hair clips. So it's really hard to give you an estimate for the cost of materials for one clip, since you have to buy more than what you need if you're buying the supplies. If you have all of these things at home, it will be free. And the more items you can use by upcycling unwanted items, the better. Not only does it save your wallet, but it also saves the planet. Peace! =)