Make Your Own IPad Capacitive Soft Brush



Introduction: Make Your Own IPad Capacitive Soft Brush

If you need to "paint" on your iPad (or iPhone or iTouch or any capacitive screen), you are currently restricted to using your finger, a sausage, a banana or a stiff Pogo stylus. Now you can make a soft brush easily with a bag of potato chips and some sticky tape.
The foil bags used to bag chips works well with all capacitive screens, so, by turning them into bristles, you can make a soft bristled paint brush, happily painting your next master piece while eating your favorite chips.
Or you can buy one commercial capacitive soft bristled brush for $35 from

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1. A metallic hotel pen from a hotel room
2. A small piece of foil from your bag of chips (I prefer grease-free roasted nuts)
3. An art knife
4. Some sticky tape

Total costs: $0. Okay, you need to buy a bag of chips, but you get to enjoy it while you work.

Step 2: Cut Out the Bristles

With your art knife/cutter, cut out small wedges from the foil.

Step 3: Tape It to Your Free Hotel Pen

Trim the foil to size and tape it to your hotel pen with sticky tape.

Step 4: Paint Away!

Paint away!
BONUS, the other end is also usable, since it is metallic and it will register by the iPad.
Compatible with all paint apps.

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