Make Your Own Lego Kaleidoscope

Introduction: Make Your Own Lego Kaleidoscope

About: I like making things that are useful, cute, or fun to play with (ex. lego iphone dock,stuffed panda, kaleidoscope). I usually come up with new projects while fiddling with paper/legos/fabric/embroidery floss...

Hey guys, it's Katrina/katty/marshmallowkat/hurricat/violincrazed101/kit-kat(whichever you want to call me, i'm fine with)

This is my first instructable, however not my first time here, as I've come quite often for new ideas. So far my two favorite were my sushi cake for my mom and the lego gummies i made for my boyfriend.

I'm a big fan of k-pop,especially 2NE1(I'm Korean), lego,star wars, and a lot of other stuff, mostly nintendo.

I also have a trunkful of old pokemon cards, which I haven't touched for a long time, which are, btw, NOT for sale, mostly 'cause I spent my own money on them. I was so foolish then.*mutters to self*

Anyways, keep your comments on the nicer side, please, it IS my first instructable.


P.S. that person in the picture is not me, it's Hannah, my 11yr-old sister.

Step 1: You Will Need:

a)16 2X4 lego bricks(picture 1)
b)10 2X2 lego bricks(picture 2)
c)5 2X3 
lego bricks(picture 3)
d)2 1X6 lego bricks
e)1 2x6 
lego brick
f) 1 1X2 lego brick
(d, e, and f are in picture 4)

PLATES (plates are those flat pieces)
a)2 2X8 
lego plates
b)2 2X4 
lego plates
c)2 2X2 
lego plates
(all plates are in picture 5)

Step 2: Build

Now you have all your pieces, right?(the reason mine are all different colours is a)I only have so many bricks( I can't bear to tear my creations apart), b) different coloured ones work better(i tried with my boyfriend's legos, but he wouldn't let me have his), and c) they show better which pieces are where)

picture 1: first layer is laid out. the bricks are not connected.

picture 2:second layer is added. second layer keeps first layer together

picture 3:third layer

picture 4:fourth layer

picture 5: fifth layer

picture 6:sixth layer

picture 7:last layer

pictures 8-10:flip tower over

picture 11:underside of tower(now the top)

picture 12: 2X8 plate

picture 13:plates successfully attached

picture 14: 2X4 plate

picture 15:plates successfully attached(note that they are each covering the hole a little, to achieve a checkerboard pattern)

picture 16:2X2 plate

picture 17: attached

sorry if this is too much in one step... I'll fix the next instructable I make if you think so.

now turn your kaleidoscope the right way up...

Step 3: Finished!

you are now done! look through the top(the last layer you made, excluding the plates) and see what your kaleidoscope can do!
have fun! 


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