Make Your Own Mouse Trackball


Introduction: Make Your Own Mouse Trackball

Step 1: Destroying Mouse


Step 2: Making the Box


Step 3: Making Connections


Step 4: Software

Sakasa Mouse
This program serves to reverse the mouse movements.
When we make the trackball home, we must reverse the left-right movements.
The up-down movements are not altered by changing the mouse.
It can also be useful to use the mouse in a specific angle, changing the grades on the application.
Here you can download the application:

X-CONTROL mouse button
With this program we can provide custom functions to our buttons. Especially useful if, apart from left and right button, you have more buttons.

Here you can download the application:

I hope that helps someone.
Sorry for my english.



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    32 Discussions

    I know that there is a "We have a be nice comment policy. Please be positive and constructive"

    but if you post a video to teach something don't MAKE IT PRIVATE that is just Stupid

    i made it and it works nice, but the only thing that it jerks a lot, probably need to paint it

    1 reply

    Made it! Was looking to have a wireless, one hand version for browsing on the tv, and to leave the original mouse intact. Clean up the plastic roller and attached with hot glue. Works great- thanks for the idea : D

    15, 9:07.jpg15, 9:06.jpg15, 9:05.jpg

    Been giving this a shot, intention is to have a game-pad style trackball. Case is an old RC heli controller, mouse is an old USB Dell. I had to chase up the invert y-axis command for linux.

    The command to invert the y-axis on a mouse is...

    xinput -list

    xinput set-int-prop "device name" "Evdev Axis Inversion" 8 1 0

    xinput -list will show you the "device name", in my case it is "USB Optical Mouse" Took me 2 hours of google-ing and working from manpages to come up with that damn command!

    2 replies

    ...And here she is all bolted together. You can see the left and right mouse microswitches double-sided-taped to the shoulders of the controller with the wires exposed, for now. Works well, ball sits very high, and the centre-click button isn't working for some reason, but otherwise it is perfect for media-centre/web browser use from the couch!


    cool instructable, i agree that its not very detailed but all thats needed is there, i just added wires to each switch and the mouse wheel now i have a trackball mouse with 5 buttons and a wheel:) it works well in dota:)

    1 reply

    CERN's trackball from 1970's

    Mi inglés SI es bueno, mándame lo que quieras traducir y con mucho gusto lo haré.
    Un saludico  -(|:-)

    3 replies

     Muchas gracias, con el saludico y la boina me has convencido totalmente.
    Dada la popularidad que está teniendo este instructable me gustaria realizarlo con mas detalles y mas textos, en tal caso me haria falta un poco de ayuda (aparte del traductor del Google).
    Muchas gracias de nuevo.
    Otro saludico, -(|;-)

    Si, la gente se queja, en esencia, porque tiene muy poco detalle y tienen que adivinar como se hacen las cosas.

    yes, people are complaning because, basically, there is little detail and they have to guess hwo things come together.  (this is the English translation of what is written above)  The english translation of this instructable should appear soon, (courtesy of yours truly)

    muy buena idea, te falta mejorar el acabado, pero me gusta,
    ya estoy buscando un candidato que destrozar
    me suscribo, para ver la evolucion

     muy bien, muchos gracias,

     will add this to my future projects....

    Ha! Very nice idea. Just missing those "key elements" in the instructions.

    Turning the "down side" of the mouse up and track the ball, then inverting it with software so simple! And to that efect the deodorant ball is just briliant!!!

    I will try this one, good work on the idea!