Make Your Own Nice Felt EeePC / Netbook Pouch for About $ 8 (and Save $ 91 Instead of Buying From Redmaloo)




Introduction: Make Your Own Nice Felt EeePC / Netbook Pouch for About $ 8 (and Save $ 91 Instead of Buying From Redmaloo)

This instructable will show you, how to make your own, very nice and good lookin' laptop or even better netbook pouch. It will store your netbook, give you a mousepad, the feeling of using something unique, nice and handmade and the goos feeling of having not payed too much. I saw this pouch for about 99 Euros, which would be about $ 130 at the time, I am writing this.

Look what you need in the next step:

Step 1: Supplies / Tools:

Here is what you need (for 10 netbooks, like the eeePC 1000H):

  • a piece of felt in the colour you want (at least it should have 60x60 cm / 25x25 - it's a proof of concept, feel free to get a larger piece of felt or leather or the fabric you think would fit best your taste for even bigger laptops or your picnic table or anything else), I used a black one, which was a good choice for business purposes, but a bad one for the instructables because of having no contrast
  • a scissor
  • a ruler
  • hook and loop-tape

  • a set square
  • a dressing marker
  • fabric glue (or if you can sew, than sew)
  • electric iron
  • round cup for smooth edges

Step 2: Mark Your Pattern

First of all let me say, that I made this very well fitting pouch with a bit sense of proportion.
Lay down your Netbook on the fabric, so you can turn over the felt nearly to cover the hole netbook/laptop. I the case you have an eeePC 1000H like me, the upper angles is a good line to align.

Bend the felt and mark the bending with your dressing marker. Turn back the felt and draw a line from mark to mark.

Then draw right-angled lines a bit wider than your laptops width. Look at the picture. To describe this is more difficult to me as a non-native speaker than it will be in real, so don't be confused.

After marking the end of the top baffle (by turning it over with the netbook in the felt) you should have the pattern, shown in the next step.

Step 3: The Finished Pattern - Scissor It...

When you finished marking your pattern, cut it out. The X marks the waste, the pattern shoul look like an round edged cross.

Step 4: Glue, Sew or Tape the Hook-and-loop Tape Onto Your Fabric.

Glue the hook-and-loop-tape onto the fabric in the given positions on the picture, try the positions over and over by folding the felt back and forth.

Step 5: Finish It.

Fold the pouch together, at it's best with the netbook already in it.

Step 1:
Turn the lower side upwards.

Step 2:
Flap the left and right buffle onto the lower side, which now lays on your netbook.

Step 3:
Close the upper ans last baffle.

Taaaadaaaaaaaa. Finished.
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I would enjoy your comments.



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Your design inspired me to make a 2 tone version. Customized it with my name on flap for a grand total of $15.


Very nice design-*****. FYI, your english is excellent. I had no problems understanding you instructions. If one is to be blind to compassion, noone will understand the messenger.

I liked this so much i rated it 5 stars :)

 Found this Instructable this morning, dropped by JoAnne Fabrics, and had it done by 1pm, good Instructable, nice eeePc sleeve!

Great Instructable - I am currently using it to craft my own laptop pouch, though I have to adjust for a 6-cell battery pack, and I am inserting a pocket for the adapter and other accessories. Thanks for the great step-by-step - very easy to follow!

 thanx for the 'ible. Saved me some $$!

I use a portable DVD player bag for my little netbook, it works great and i have plenty of room for pens, notepads, small animals, etc.

Please vote for this ible, if you think it is useful. I could use a sewing machine, as you see, I have to work with velcro and glue so far.

Well, it's my very firs comment on this great site (you should be honoured, you :) I like this very much... Now I only need to get me a netbook :) Once again, great instructable!!! Greets from Serbia!

it is wonderful. my boyfriend made it for me as a present is unique. thank you for your instructable. keep up your work!

Nice Instructable. The simplest designs are often the best. In answer to your question, I think in American English we'd be more likely to say "flap" than "baffle." Technically, "baffle" is perfectly correct, but it's very rarely used that way in the US. Here the more common use of the word is as a verb: "to baffle," meaning "to confuse." It's possible that English speakers in the UK might use the word in the sense you mean, but I can't say for sure. I hope this isn't as baffling as it sounds. :)

Thanks Knarx. I shall make a leather one for my macbook. Save me lots of $$$ and I'm sure it'll be a lot less waste compared to a store bought one. :)

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Actually you have neraly no waste. You can use the waste of the felt to make a pouch for your iPod for example, just in the same way.

Good idea Knarx. Thanks :)
I actually meant the waste produced by packaging etc from the expensive store bought one. Sorry for not clarifying ;
The extra felt off cuts would most likely end up under the potting mix in my pot plants (for the water hungry plants. Don't do this otherwise or you'll get root rot). Re-use before recycling. Thanks again for the great ideas Knarx

hi nice work. i've been also interested in this kind of design for quite a while since it allows you to pack some additional stuff if required, like legacy documents and peripherals. do you know fuchstaschen from stuttgart? they also use this design and are larger and really nice, but even more expensive than redmaloo.

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p.s.: that's the spirit you can use the pouch very tight, when you only carry the netbook with you, but it is expendable, so you can carry things with you in the pouch.

Fuchstaschen? Never heard of them. But I am interested now and will google it. Stuttgart is not so far from my original hometown.